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It’s your wedding, so you can’t forget to document it! Tell your guests to grab a crazy prop, take a flick and create a bunch of memories that will stick with them- and you- for a lifetime. After all, you only get one shot to make your wedding perfect!

Who better to get the job done than Halogen DJ Company’s Wedding Photo booth Hire in Melbourne?

We know that the last thing you want is for your wedding to be anything short of perfect. That’s why our Wedding Photo Booth Hire doesn’t only dedicate our services to being perfect, but alongside that is our commitment to delivering the perfect service for you.

We want to capture every moment, record every pose and give you the opportunity to look back in years’ time at the flicks that take you all the way back to the best night of your life.

If it’s one thing we understand at Halogen DJ Company, it’s that memories are priceless. Especially on a day so special. We’re also aware that it’s not just about the photos themselves- it’s a combination of the little things, like the props, the enclosure, and the attendant.


Well we are so glad you asked! It’s with us here at Halogen DJ Company’s and our Photo Booth Hire that have often been referred to as the life of the party. With fun props, easy set up, flexibility and unlimited clicks for your pickiest guests, our Wedding Photo Booth Hire delivers on every promise we make upon the booking.

A picture is a worth a thousand words, and don’t we know it! With our unique and specialised service, we’re offering you the chance to host a wedding night that’ll have your guests posting #throwbackthursdays for years to come.

With Halogen DJ Company’s Wedding Photo Booth Hire Melbourne, we assure our clients that they don’t just take a picture, but make it!

As a company that has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, we understand the stress that goes into planning an event. Especially your wedding night. And there’s so many different decisions to make- rest assured, because choosing Halogen DJ Company’s Wedding Photo Booth Rental means you’ll be certain about having made a right one.

And so the aim of every single one of our services is to guide you through, and take some weight off your shoulders. We’re at your service, right from your enquiries to the special, long-awaited wedding night itself.

Give your guests a picture-perfect souvenir (or seventy-five) of a wedding made legendary. Choose our Wedding Photo Booth Hire Melbourne, and you’ll have chosen an easy, high quality service that’s picture perfect for you!

Our Wedding Photo Booth Hire Melbourne is a service you know will always look at perfecting the little things, so that they all come together perfectly on your big day. So if you book our Wedding Photo Booth Rental, you’ll be able to rest easy with the knowledge that Halogen DJ Company is paying attention to the details.

And that’s definitely not all:

Since we’re speaking of the little things, we can’t forget to mention that we’ve taken the time to custom design every single one of our Rent Photo Booths with the professionals at Halogen DJ Company.

It’s important to note that:

We’re well aware of who we’re making the custom Wedding Photo Booth Hire for. So while our booths are made by professionals, they’re not exclusively for professionals. With a few basic instructions, the Photo Booth Hire can be bumped in by anyone… even an amateur! Good quality, and basic function by you. Because that’s exactly what our Wedding Photo Booth Hire is all about- you.

Best of all: We know what it’s like when you just can’t seem to get the perfect photo. The angle’s wrong, you made a cringey pose- if there’s anyone that gets it, it’s us. If you’re going to put a photo up on your wall or in your scrapbook, it has to be perfect. We know. And what we aim to do is cater to all of your pickiness with our unlimited pics perk- that’s right, with every hire comes unlimited prints! So everyone can walk away with a smile on their face along with an Instagram-worthy picture.

So it’s flexible, high quality and easy. What else could you possibly ask for?

We know what you’re low key thinking about: the hip pocket nerve. Well we here at Halogen DJ Company also boast about having some of the most competitive prices on the market. You shouldn’t have to completely empty out your wedding budget to have something so vital like a Photo Booth!

So let us be a part of documenting your big day, and capture the highlights of your special night on unlimited, high quality film with our Wedding Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne. Document all of your wedding fun on an easy, picture perfect and high quality booth!


Halogen DJ Company’s Wedding Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne comes with a wide range of perks. But for your convenience, just to name a few:

  • The option to set up the Photo Booth wherever you’d like
  • The unlimited creation of as many memories as you’d like on your special day (that’s right: unlimited!)
  • Very cost effective and some of the most competitive prices in Melbourne for our Wedding Photo Booth Hire
  • High quality printed pictures for every pose you strike
  • Professional, friendly and highly trained staff who seldom fail to assure prompt responses throughout the entire duration of your booking

Our offices are located in the heart of the Eastern and North Western Suburbs of Melbourne. We provide Wedding Photo Booth Hires from both of our Company locations which are just a few minutes from North Melbourne, Williamstown, Keilor, Essendon, Geelong, Brunswick, Ringwood, Craigieburn, Bacchus Marsh, Oak Park and more. So wherever you are, we’re more than likely to be able to service you.

REVIEWS – Wedding Photo Booth Rental in Melbourne

Mary G
Read More
We couldn’t be happier, it was constantly being used and I think it added a great extra flavour to my daughter’s wedding
Kristina C
Read More
Photo booth was awesome and the booking process was really simple, Would definitely recommend
Myla B
Read More
The photo strips have found a home on my daughter’s wall and I’m sure everyone else’s who took a picture the night of my wedding. Thank you, Halogen.
Faith L
Read More
Absolutely Outstanding service, halogen helped right from the beginning from making it super simple to book and helped us through assembly. The photo booth was constantly being used and I believe everyone at my sister’s wedding got the chance to take a great photo. The only issue was that it was originally booked out however due to someone cancelling we snapped it up and it help make an amazing night
Sergio V
Read More
Very good service, very good photo booth, would 100% recommend your wedding photo booth hire to anybody
Laura B
Read More
My mum let me organise her wedding and I surprised her with this, she thought it was amazing and we had a great night
Ante V
Read More
My wife and I got married over the holidays and we booked halogens wedding photo booth rental, it was very simple to book and organise then on the night we set it up and people were in and out all the time. Overall it was a positive experience and I would definitely book again, hopefully I don’t have to because that would require me to get married again.