Jukebox Hire Melbourne

Looking For A Jukebox Hire Melbourne?

Have your night rocking with rock or popping with pop with Halogen DJ Company’s Jukebox Hire Melbourne.

From the 1950’s to the current top 40’s Halogen DJ Company has got the range of tunes to have all ages move regardless of taste.

Whether it is rap, reggae, dance, dub step, pop, salsa, swing, jazz, heavy metal or even Native American folk music, Halogen DJ Company’s Jukebox Hire has got you covered.

From 50th to 5th birthday parties and school socials to social gatherings, Melbourne’s prime Jukebox rental offers you the tunes that will be pivotal in making your guests feel welcome and free to let their hair down or get up to boogie.

Whether it’s a nice relaxing night or an absolute banger of a night you’re going for, Halogen DJ Company’s jukebox hire Melbourne can help facilitate it.

Find The Best Jukebox Hire In Melbourne

Halogen DJ Company has a vast range of experience in the entertainment industry, so you can feel completely secure knowing that we will provide you with all you need to fuel a great time.

We provide you with outstanding customer service to help ensure your peace of mind and your guests’ entertainment, all with less stress.

Music dictates the vibe to an event and we understand that the difference between a good night and a great night is the vibes. What we are bringing to the table with Melbourne’s prime Jukebox hire and the opportunity to add atmosphere and feel to your event.

We understand just how stressful organising an event can be, however, we will strive to make your rental process quick and easy.

Our Jukeboxes are easy to use and feature a touch screen with easy set up so you can worry less about organising and more about partying.

If that wasn’t enough, we give you the choice of three competitively priced packages each featuring a delivery, set up and pack up.

Our range of jukebox services include the choice of a karaoke package, a purely audio package and a video jukebox package, each of which will bring the good vibes to your event, thus leaving you as satisfied as each and every one of our happy customers and making Halogen your best choice for Jukebox Rental in Melbourne.

Which is the best Jukebox Hire?

We are proud to present our Jukebox Rental, an effective service put together by professionals in the entertainment field. What are Jukebox Hire entails:

  • The tunes of course! Have your guests vibing to their favourite beats
  • Karaoke jukebox hire upon request, have your guests not only vibing but performing to their favourite beats
  • Video Jukeboxes rental so you can add the memories and moments of your favourite video clips from present time to the past
  • The choice of a variety of lighting to induce your guests with a sensory overload!
  • Top quality high-powered speakers to have not only your guests but the roof bouncing

With all that being said, it’s now in your hands to bring your guests the tunes with Halogen DJ Company’s Jukebox Hire in Melbourne. Our offices are in the heart of the Eastern and North Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Our Company is just a few minutes from Yarraville, Ringwood, Frankston, North Melbourne, Preston, Dandenong, Ballarat, Docklands, St Kilda and more.

Our Services

Audio Jukebox Hire

We all know that an absolute staple to any great night is the tunes. With Halogen DJ Company’s audio jukebox hire Melbourne, you will have the opportunity to not only play your own favourite songs but all of your guests too. With our extensive music list spanning every genre and decade of popular music, we’ll be sure to cater to all kinds of musical taste whether it be rap, rock, reggae or gypsy jazz. So if you’re looking to bring that extra spark to you next big event, let Halogen DJ Company ignite it for you with our audio jukebox hire Melbourne. Read More…

Video Jukebox Hire

What’s better than hearing your favourite artists perform? Seeing them perform! With Halogen DJ Company’s video jukebox hire Melbourne, we are giving you and your guests the opportunity to choose all of your own music at your next big event with a video to accompany it. Our video jukebox hire Melbourne has entertained hundreds of satisfied customers and will be sure to leave you just as satisfied as them. What is on offer is the chance to allow all of your guests to choose their own music with a video alongside it rather than have an allocated aux DJ who will play their own music, thus providing you with your number one choice for video jukebox hire Melbourne. Read More…

Karaoke Jukebox Hire

It’s your chance to unveil the inner star lurking inside of you with Halogen DJ Company’s Karaoke jukebox hire Melbourne. Halogen DJ Company is giving you the chance to sing your heart out until you can sing no more as well as enjoy watching your guests sing their hearts out too. Whether you want to spit the coldest rap songs of the 90’s or sing the hottest pop songs of the today, we strive to make it happen with our huge range of songs. So if you are looking for an amazing source of entertainment, memories and a chance to let out your inner star, let Halogen DJ Company provide all of it for you and more with our karaoke jukebox hire Melbourne. Read More…