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Looking For A Melbourne DJ Hire?

You’ve come to the right place. Offer your guests a legendary music experience with our DJ Hire package!

There’s a wide range of reasons why we’re the best option.

Starting with… You want someone that is able to work a crowd right? Well no problem!

Our professional DJs know how to get a party pumping by reading your guests and delivering the perfect music they’ll vibe to. Because we know that you want a DJ with the hard-to-find superpower of simply understanding you.

They also know exactly how to get any audience moving, from the least musically inclined to the most dedicated of hype enthusiasts.

You have a specific genre, culture or era? That’s not a worry with our DJ Hire Melbourne. Regardless of any criteria, our seasoned DJs are well equipped and prepared to provide a luxurious service personalized specifically for you.

That’s not all: We stand proudly behind our vast variety of DJ packages, because regardless of what you want we’re committed to being the place you can find it. You want someone young and current to play the tracks you’re hearing all over the radio? We’ve got your back. Or is someone with decades of experience more your style? We’ve got them.

Finding the right DJ isn’t always easy. There’s so many out there. So how do you know you’ve found the right one? What makes a DJ good?

A DJs level of excellence is measured by their ability to cater their service to you. That’s why we here at Halogen DJ Company put so much importance on being your perfect match. Our DJ Hire Melbourne is committed to providing a DJ Service nobody regrets booking; we know exactly how to live up to your expectations, and better yet are passionate about surpassing them.

You want someone who knows how to bring everyone running to the dance floor, how to speak the language only music can communicate- we know.

Bottom line: We know your event can’t stand anything short of perfect. And with such a large amount of choices to be made as a host, you don’t want to lose sleep over your choice of the DJ- that’s why our DJ packages are designed to take the weight off your shoulders. So you can rest easy.

The reason so many companies will let you down is the fact that they’re inflexible. They don’t take the time to listen to you or understand you- you get what you get. Halogen DJ Company orchestrates its services to provide you with the opposite; we do nothing short of our best to present you with what you want, how you want it. You’re at the top of our priority list.

So go right on ahead and hand pick your DJ Hire Melbourne, the theme of your event and the legendary hits to organise yourself a night nobody will ever forget!


We’ve been doing this a while. And so Halogen DJ Company have become experts at hosting customized events that range from humble gatherings to a party of thousands.

No two events are the same! It’s because of our resilient commitment to being every events’ perfect match that we’re very well equipped to be perfect for yours.

Setting the atmosphere at a special themed party isn’t easy for anyone, let alone an amateur. Because every crowd’s taste is different it may sometimes be tricky, but luckily it’s a task well suited to the exclusive service offered by our DJ Hire Melbourne.

Still not completely sure we’re the right choice for you?

Let us assure you that our DJs stand among the best, with a very long list of happy clients as witnesses of the prestigious service we always set out to provide. Amongst this list of happy clients are countless local and international celebrities, for whom we have had the privilege of hosting birthdays and weddings.

There are countless reasons why we say we’re the best DJ Hire Melbourne in the market. But any person knows that it’s not just the service itself that measures a company’s competence; it’s the people. We here at Halogen DJ Company know that you want someone that’ll listen to all of your DJ needs, care about them and dedicate themselves to do all they can to deliver.

And it’s for this reason that if you choose Halogen DJ Company, you’re choosing a customer service team that are passionate about doing whatever they can to leave you happy.

We want to be your event’s perfect match.

So do it: make your event one that your guests will talk about for days. Contact us, so that you don’t miss out on Halogen DJ Company’s dependable and elite Melbourne DJ Hire.


Here’s why:

  • When you book, we offer nothing short of Premium DJ Services at the most competitive prices in the market
  • We’re flexible enough to offer an upgrade to your DJ Service, and include a Master of Ceremonies (MC) service
  • The option to take your event to the next level with our special effects machines (CO2, smoke, and many more)
  • Hi-Tech Audio and Sound equipment, designed to provide the most sensational of sound
  • Personal access to our extensive music collection in a wide range of genres, cultures and eras to select tracks of your choice
  • Highly trained and passionate staff equipped to provide exceptional customer service and to cater to your every need


Halogen DJ Company offers its services across Melbourne city and its suburbs (North, East and West). Some of our clients are based in St Kilda, Footscray, Richmond, Sunshine, Craigieburn, Docklands, Brunswick, and Essendon.

Our Services

The beats of the right tune can be the game changer at your next event. If your looking for a night you will never forget with your guests on the dance floor, party lighting and a state of the art sound system, Halogen DJ’s Party DJ Hire Melbourne is just the thing for you. Every one of our services are customized and tailored to suit our clients. We offer a wide range of music, going back from the 50’s to the current top 40’s. Our Party DJ Hire ensures that your guests dance to their favourites all night long. Read More…

Is your special day coming up? Yes? Then it’s only fitting you make it as special as possible with our Wedding DJ. Our DJs will provide you with music that will have every single one of your friends and family out of their seats and moving. How are we so sure? Our huge music list features everything from today’s top tunes to the golden oldies of yesterday and everything in between, so rest assured that all of your guests will have a great time, regardless of age or taste with our DJ Hire Melbourne. Read More…

Music is amazing isn’t it? It speaks to people, but you know what is better? Videos! If a picture speaks a thousand words than imagine how much a video speaks! With Halogen DJ Company’s Video DJ, you will have the chance to not only hear your favourite artist, but see them perform! Our video DJs will provide you with a lighting, atmospheric effects, speakers as well as high quality videos and tunes to give your guests a night they will never forget. So plan an unforgettable night for your guests with their favourite music videos and tunes with our Video DJ. Read More…

Is your kid’s birthday coming up? Or maybe your student’s school disco? Then Halogen DJ Company’s kids DJ hire is perfect for you! Our kids’ DJs are well equipped with skills in the art of entertaining and will stop at nothing until they see all of the little ones having a great time! Our DJs come equipped with a frequently updated music database that features all of the best songs of the modern age. So you can rest assured that when you book Halogen DJ Company for your kids DJ hire, you are locking in a great time for all the little characters at your event. Read More…

Sing until you can sing no more with Halogen DJ Company’s Karaoke DJ. Whether you scream like a rock star, spit like a rap star or sing like a pop star, our karaoke DJ hire will turn you and your guests in to super stars. How you ask? It’s quite simple, here at Halogen DJ Company we know there is a performer in everybody that usually only comes out in the car or shower. What our Karaoke DJ hire is bringing to the table is the opportunity to reveal the inner performer in everybody at your event all whilst having an amazing time. So if it’s an amazing time you are looking for, look no further than Halogen DJ Company’s Karaoke DJs. Read More…

It’s a wild night, there’s sweat on the walls, drinks on the floor, lights and party people dancing around the room but what is gluing it all together? The music! When you book Halogen DJ Company for your club DJ hire you will receive the most important element to a great night, the beats! And much more. Our Club DJ hire Melbourne will provide you with a DJ that will engage the crowd and have each and every one of them on the dance floor and dancing the night away in the atmosphere that we’ll create with our complimentary sound activated lighting and atmospheric effects! So if it’s a great night you want for your guests, then you want one of Halogen DJ Company’s elite DJs to bring the party to your night. Read More…