CD Player and 3 Channel Mixer - Stanton C.501 CD Player & Q-D6 3Ch Mixer Hire

Stanton C.501 CD Player & Q-D6 3Ch Mixer Hire

Are you in the search for some of the best DJ equipment on offer?

Looking for a CD player and mixer that will let your individual creativity shine?

Then you have certainly found it through Halogen DJ Company’s Stanton C.501 CD Player & Q-D6 3Ch Mixer Hire!



Halogen DJ Company’s Stanton C.501 CD Player & Q-D6 3Ch Mixer Hire provides you with the gems you require.

Not only to throw an awesome party, but also the most memorable of events for all of your guests to enjoy. We make it our goal to offer our fellow disc jockeys both the newest gear, as well as the classics.

But wait, that’s not all!

Halogen DJ Company’s Stanton C.501 CD player and Q-D6 three channel mixer complete controller hire offers a dual rack mount CD player with full MP3 playback, an easy jog wheel control, versatile pitch bend and loads more awesome features!

This CD player also comes with a compact 3 channel mixer that features three band EQ and all of the fader options you could possibly need to ensure great sound and the smoothest of transitions between songs.

It just keeps getting better and better!

At Halogen DJ Company, we understand that DJs do not just play songs – they share their mood!

Our top of the range equipment and awesome customer service can make it so that you are sharing your best of your moods with all of your party people.

The fun does not end there!

This Stanton C.501 CD Player & Q-D6 3Ch Mixer Hire allows you to manipulate, twist and bend your music. So that you can share your tunes with maximum individuality and expressiveness. The rack mountable Stanton C.501 CD Player can also be used in live sound environments such as corporate functions, awards nights and gala balls where the sound engineer is in control of the music being played. Talk about an “All In One” DJ System!

Contact us today to discuss how our DJ CD player and mixer hire range can be of service to you!

What Our Stanton CD Player & Mixer Hire Can Offer You:

Stanton C.501 CD Player

  • Rack Mountable with Full MP3 Play Back
  • Anti-shock Buffer for Preventing CD Skips
  • Auto Cue Function
  • Fader Start Function

Q-D6 3Ch Mixer

  • 3 Channels with Relative Input
  • Microphone Input
  • Auxiliary Output
  • 3 Band Equalisation

If you are looking to provide the guests of your next event with music via CDs the way you want them to be heard, then our Stanton C.501 CD Player & Q-D6 3Ch Mixer Hire is for you!

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