Pioneer brand DJM600 series four channel DJ mixer - Pioneer DJM600 4 Channel DJ Mixer Hire

Pioneer DJM600 4 Channel DJ Mixer Hire

After the most popular DJ mixer the industry has to offer?

Then you have found it through Halogen DJ Company’s Pioneer DJM600 4 channel DJ Mixer Hire!

This nifty DJ system will help connect all of your DJ hardware together for the best live set of your entire DJ career.



Halogen DJ Company’s Pioneer DJM600 4 Channel DJ Mixer Hire provides you with a Pioneer quality DJ mixer. The DJM600 is equipped with 4 channels, each with their own mic, phono, return and line inputs for you to connect your entire DJ rig up to.

The Pioneer DJM600 4 channel DJ mixer has channel peak meters, faders and trims on each of its channels. This makes it possible for you to monitor each input source individually. Some of the mixer’s automatic functions consist of a BPM counter, as well as an auto beat sampler. This allows for all of your favourite music moments to be heard when you want them too.

That’s not all folks!

The Pioneer DJM600 4 Channel DJ Mixer Hire also has features heaps of effects. Such as delay, echo, auto pan, auto trans, flanger, reverb and pitch shift. These all help you to stamp your own mark onto the music your audience hears, whether at a friends’ house or the Sunshine City Club.

Last but not least, Halogen DJ Company’s Pioneer DJM600 DJ mixer provides you with effects sends and returns. So you can process your music through external effects. Therefore, the Pioneer DJM600 mixer is your ultimate music playback companion, even as a turntable mixer. It is no wonder then, why so many DJs swear by the Pioneer DJM600 4 Channel DJ Mixer Hire!

It just keeps getting better and better!

Ingrained deep within the heart of Halogen DJ Company is a zealous appreciation for the value of quality. All of our DJ mixers, along with the rest of our equipment, are regularly monitored, maintained and regulated. This is to ensure that they all retain their optimum functionality at all times.

As Rock’n DJs and audio engineers ourselves, we understand what it takes to organise a successful event. So when you book your Pioneer DJM600 4 Channel DJ Mixer Hire with us at Halogen DJ Company, you’re booking with people who genuinely care about ensuring you can get the most out of your hire!

Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our lovely customer service team are always willing and ready to hear from you and to answer any questions you may have.

Pioneer DJM 600 DJ Mixer Hire Specifications:

  • Sampler with Looping Capabilities
  • Auto BPM Control and Scanner
  • 4 Channels
  • 1 Master Channel
  • Multiple Time Based/Dynamic Based Effects
  • Effects Sends and Returns for External Effect Processing

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with this booking.