Pioneer brand CDJ1000 MKIII series CD DJ player - Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII DJ Player Hire

Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII DJ Player Hire

Looking for a reliable yet competitively priced DJ controller?

Well look no further than Halogen DJ Company’s Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII DJ Player Hire!

Everything you need to keep the dance floor pumping and to hit your audience with whacked out tunes is just a call away!



Halogen DJ Company’s Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII DJ Player Hire is your gateway into a world of high performance DJ gear. It has kept dance floors pumping for years and will continue to do so with its huge variety of features that make it the perfect DJ tool for any DJ kit.

The Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII DJ player is equipped with MP3, CD and WAV playback capabilities. This means you can be sure to make your music sound incredible, regardless of its audio format.

Don’t believe us?

This neat and compact DJ Controller is also equipped with tonnes of playback editing hardware. Including reverse, pitch bend and beat sync for when you want to hit your audience with some wacky and wigged out DJ sounds. Speaking of DJ sounds, the Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII DJ Player Hire includes a jog/scratch wheel to help you join a league of scratch masters that always have their audience busting a move and having a great time.

The features do not end there!

This DJ console has lots of cue and loop features to help you make your DJ set a set that no one will forget. These features consist of hot cue, hot loop, re-loop, real time seamless loop and loop adjust. As well as a fast finder interface, new and improved jog wheel. Not to mention enhanced visuals that all further contribute to how great the Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII DJ Player Hire is for your upcoming set.

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So if you are in the search for the entrance into a world of outstanding disc jockeying such as wild dance floors at the KBar, then we at Halogen DJ Company are glad to say that your search has come to an end through our Pioneer CDJ1000 MKIII DJ Player Hire!

What there is to love about the CDJ1000 MKIII:

  • Multiple Media Platform Playback
  • Super Efficient and User Friendly Display
  • Loads of Playback Effects, Including: Pitch Bend, Looping and Scratching
  • RCA Outputs
  • Digital CD Player

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