JBL PRX715XLF 15 Inch 1500W Powered Subwoofer Hire

Are you looking for an unbeatable powerhouse to take your event or performance to the ultimate boss level of spectacles? Halogen DJ Company’s JBL PRX715XLF 15 Inch 1500W Powered Subwoofer hire is the secret ingredient to help you achieve it!



Whatever set up you want to use the JBL PRX715XLF 15 Inch 1500W Powered Subwoofer Hire in, this hire is your best pal. Perfect for either a Sub or Sat system. Alternatively, you can also utilise the 15 inch powered woofer in individuals to incorporate into an ascendable, grand scale support system.

The accuracy and ability to convey every acoustic note, along with every electric chord makes it the perfect subwoofer for anyone looking an extra ‘oomph’. Without sacrificing total control. This low frequency subwoofer was specifically made to give your event all of the sub bass frequencies it needs. Regardless of whether you are a Latin DJ, or providing German music at the Waterslide Bar.

There’s more!

Gone are the days where you’d need to sludge around heavy subwoofers and amplifiers. Let alone the chaos of having to connect them all together. What’s more: needing to compare your subwoofer’s wattage and Ohms to find a compatible amplifier is old news! The JBL subwoofer’s inbuilt Class-D fanless amplifier gives you full access to an efficient set up and pack down.

This subwoofer rental sports a mighty 1500 Watts. Never again will you need to forsake quality for volume. With the JBL PRX715XLF 1500W subwoofer, you have all the means to leaving your audience flabbergasted. Your guests will be in awe at the silky quality of every acoustic note and every electric chord that only a woofer can convey with ease.

Even better!

For all of the tech-heads in the world, you can delve into all of the features available. Have a variety of abilities right in the palm of your hand, with this state of the art woofer. Halogen DJ Company’s JBL PRX715XLF 15 Inch 1500W Powered Subwoofer Hire can make you the master of the show. Giving you the power to perform crossover, component optimisation and dynamic limiting. As well as DSP Input Limiter Circuit.

But regardless of all of these assets, the woofer radiates user friendliness. By this we mean that it is simple to use. However, all the included advanced features also mean that it is the perfect addition to any expert’s PA system. As well as the beginner.

Halogen DJ Company

Here at Halogen DJ Company, we are all about quality. So you can rest assured our equipment is consistently tested and monitored. All to help ensure our hires maintain their optimum functionality. We also value our clienteles’ privacy and right to an easy booking process. We genuinely care about you getting the most out of your JBL PRX715XLF 15 Inch 1500W Powered Subwoofer Hire experience!

What Our JBL PRX715XLF 15 Inch 1500W Powered Subwoofer Hire Can Offer You:

  • 1500 Watts
  • 15 Inches in Size
  • Built In Class-D Amplifier

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with this booking.