Gemini HDCN-15 Headshell Cartridge & Stylus - Gemini HDCN-15 Headshell Cartridge & Stylus Hire

Gemini HDCN-15 Headshell Cartridge & Stylus Hire

Attention all DJs!

On the hunt for a cartridge and stylus hire that will take your unique sound to the next level?

Look no further than Halogen DJ Company’s Gemini HDCN-15 Headshell Cartridge & Stylus Hire!



Halogen DJ Company are proud to present to you our Gemini HDCN-15 Headshell Cartridge & Stylus Hire. The Gemini’s HDCN-15 is a complete head shell and cartridge assembly. Perfect for the vinyl turntable of any self-respecting retro DJ.

The Gemini HDCN-15 Headshell Cartridge & Stylus Hire is loaded with an Audio Technica stylus. This allows for great tracking and response. As well as low vinyl wear for DJs wanting to back-cue and scratch. Halogen DJ Company’s fully equipped Gemini HDCN-15 is an industry standard for DJ turntables.

That’s not all folks!

The Gemini HDCN-15 premounted cartridge and needle helps get you up and running quickly. After all, you have enough to worry about without having to add the process of mounting to preparation. So you can stress less about your gig, regardless of whether it’s at your friend’s house or at the Lucky Coq.

Our goal is to offer value and innovation in the DJ, Pro Audio and Consumer Electronics markets. From the beginning we’ve evolved and thrived by understanding the needs of our customers and recognising industry trends. So our Gemini HDCN-15 Headshell Cartridge & Stylus Hire could be your new best friend!

How is it all looked after?

The Gemini HDCN-15 headshell cartridge and stylus, as well as all our equipment, are regularly serviced and maintained. The cartridge and stylus are easy to set up, although we will gladly provide some pointers if needed.

When you are booking with Halogen DJ Company, you are booking with people who genuinely care about you and our equipment. So you can believe that you will be able to get the best experience possible from your Gemini HDCN-15 Headshell Cartridge & Stylus Hire.

What we provide:

At Halogen DJ Company we aim to provide a stress free party planning process. All of our staff are trained to offer magnificent responses to our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you have any questions. Whether that be regarding our cartridge and stylus hire range, or our booking processes.

If you require any more lighting for your event, such as laser lighting, please feel free to let us know. Simply enquire today and our friendly staff will try their best to match you with the perfect hire package for your needs.

Top Features of Our Cartridge & Stylus Hire:

  • Great Sound and Tracking
  • Low Vinyl Wear
  • Premounted
  • Suits Most Styles of Playback

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with this booking.