Level 7 Lighting Package Hire

Looking to instil a disco fever in your next event?

Want to boogie down under stunning lights?

Well look no further!

It’s time to bring some of the most stunning visuals to life at your next party or video shoot with Halogen DJ Company’s Level 7 Lighting Package Hire!



Halogen DJ Company’s Level 7 Lighting Package Hire features a mirror ball and LED lights. As well as an accompanying motor and lighting stand. This package is designed to take the aesthetics of your next event further than the stratosphere.

By providing a top of the range motor and lighting stand you have what you need to support your disco ball and disco lighting. This means you can focus on the Saturday Night Fever!

The mirror ball featured in our Level 7 Lighting Package Hire can take the bright lights that are before it and scatter them into a million pieces. The disco ball can spin to shine glorious and colourful light around your entire venue for everyone to revere.

No 70’s party is a true 70’s party without Halogen DJ Company’s famous mirror ball hire range!

Here at Halogen DJ Company, we like to think of the mirror ball as a window into the wondrously eccentric world of entertainment. When the disco ball is impeccably complemented by colourful lights and great music, your event is likely to be out of this world!

The mirror ball motor that comes with your Level 7 Lighting Package can get that disco ball spinning. Spin to win with the dance floor mirroring the movement of the glittering centerpiece. The lighting stand can give you the power to get the most out of your disco ball by helping you with placement.

Everyone moving, everyone dancing- that’s the vibe we are all about here at Halogen DJ Company. Simply place the disco ball on the lighting stand and set up the lights aiming at your mirror ball. Then step back and watch the magic happen!

It’s your show to see!

Here at Halogen DJ Company our number one priority is our clients. You. We pride ourselves on providing customers with some of the highest quality equipment available on the market. Our Level 7 Lighting Package Hire exemplifies this.

When such a spectacular service is provided by such a spectacular company, you know that you are walking away with the best hire package. The customer service team here Halogen DJ Company are friendly and experienced. Our staff are ever committed to ensuring they do all they can to provide you with the fastest and easiest booking process possible.

So contact us today, and let’s chat about how our Level 7 Lighting Package Hire can be of service to you and your party!


  • 12 Inch (30cm) Mirror Ball
  • 5kg – 1.5 rpm Mirror Ball Motor
  • 2 of Our YT45 86 LED Par 36 Stage Light
  • 1.6 Meter Length H Light Stand

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