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The sound tracks to a great night is just one step away with Halogen DJ Company’s Birthday DJ Hire Melbourne.

No one knows better than Halogen DJ Company just the importance that a great playlist has when it comes to fuelling an amazing time, and your birthday should be just that!

With our comprehensive list of tunes spanning every decade of high resolution music recording, our Melbourne Birthday DJ Rental will be sure to have your guests off their seats and moving to their favourite songs.

Whether its rap, gospel, pop, jazz, rock or heavy metal our Melbourne Birthday DJ Hire has got the songs to cater for all tastes and suggestions that your party will feature. But that’s not all!

Our DJs are trained to the highest of standards and will read your crowd to play the right music at the right time, offer amazing customer service and provide the foundations to take your night to the next level, thus providing you with the number one Birthday DJ Rental in Melbourne.


Through years of experience, Halogen DJ Company has cemented itself as the premier choice for birthday DJ Hire in Melbourne! How?

Each of our DJs are hand chosen and meticulously trained and tested. This is to ensure that you are booking the best Birthday DJ Rental Melbourne has to offer.

But let’s not talk about us, let’s talk about you! What is your taste? What is your birthday parties theme? Are you looking to slow dance with your partner to some Marvin Gaye? Or Maybe Salsa to some Oscar D’leon? Whatever it may be, HalogenDJ’s and Melbourne’s optimum Birthday DJ Hire has got you covered.  But how you ask?

With our massive and consistently updated list of over 13,000 songs and 10,000 music videos, our Melbourne Birthday DJ Rental has got the goods that will make your birthday party a time to truly remember.

We also offer you the opportunity to create your own playlists and request songs that may not be in our music database.

And if that wasn’t enough, what if we told you that our Melbourne Birthday DJ Hire includes two high resolution speakers rich in the clarity that will give you the solid bass thump that you feel in your chest.

And yet, it still gets better! Our Melbourne Birthday DJ Rental features sound activated lighting and atmospheric effects that will be sure to add that extra wow factor to your night and provide you with a service that will leave you satisfied and coming back for more next year!

A group of party-goers in silly glasses and party hats - 21st Birthday DJ Hire


  • A highly trained DJ that can provide the extra element your night needs to take it to the next level
  • The choice of over a whopping 13,000 songs to have each one of your guests dancing the night away
  • Included up to the moment, high quality sound systems to pump out those sick jams
  • Sound activated lighting and atmospheric effects to add that extra wow factor to your birthday
  • High quality customer service to answer any one of the questions or queries you may think of throughout the entirety of your booking
  • The most competitive prices for Birthday DJ hires Melbourne has to offer

Our offices are located in the heart of the Eastern and North Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Our Company is just a few minutes from St Kilda, Docklands, Geelong, Dandenong, Frankston, Yarraville, Coburg and more.

Reviews - Birthday DJ Hire Melbourne

Darius M
Read More
Our DJ was very good and he made my daughter’s Birthday very special, we have booked with a few companies and I can honestly say that Halogen is one of the best Birthday DJ Hires Melbourne has.
Alisha S
Read More
AMAZING, we had the BEST NIGHT EVER, the DJ played absolute bangers and he was pretty cute as well….
Sarah Y
Read More
I booked this for my son’s 19th birthday party and I am very satisfied with the service. Our DJ was very professional and was very polite, considering he was surrounded by a whole bunch of drunk teenagers. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great DJ!
Joe B
Read More
Very good service, very good DJ, very impressed.
Rajesh K
Read More
Helpful DJ, played all of the songs we requested, read the crowd very well, well done!
Alyce B
Read More
It was quite last minute but I think overall Halogen had really good customer service that were very helpful, I had a few concerns however I think that everyone at my party had a good time!
Brian H
Read More
He played straight fire, only the dopest beats, so good!, cheears HalogenDJ’s
Rita W
Read More
Loved the tunes he played, very happy!