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Rhymes, rhythms, rock, rap, reggae and the rest, Halogen DJ Company’s 21st birthday DJ hire Melbourne is your best choice for providing each and every one of your guests the ultimate dance floor experience.

Whether your guests want to swing to the swing of the blues, rave to the bass of bangers or salsa to the melodies of Latino tunes, our 21st birthday DJ rental Melbourne will make it happen, but how?

Our 21st birthday DJ hire Melbourne does not just come with a massive music database, turntables and speakers. Our DJs come with personality, flare, amazing sound amplification, atmospheric effects and lighting to thus guarantee everyone at your 21st birthday party has an amazing time.

Upon booking of our 21st birthday DJ rental Melbourne, you will receive the best customer service in the Melbourne entertainment industry to ensure your booking process is made quick and easy.

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Well if you insist! Halogen DJ Company! But why? What is it makes us your number one choice for giving your guests an amazing experience?

Halogen DJ Company has provided hundreds of people with the 21st birthday DJ hire Melbourne to bring life, flare, vibe and atmosphere to events throughout its expansive history.

We pride ourselves on understanding exactly what our customers want and we know our customers want amazing customer service, high quality equipment and most importantly… a great DJ.

So when you opt for Halogen DJ Company’s 21st birthday DJ rental Melbourne, you will be sure to receive an amazing DJ who will engage your crowd to thus bring the most important aspect to any great party, hype!

You will receive the choice of music from our massive music database that features over 15,000 songs with the option to step it up and have access to our 10,000 music videos to accompany your music.

Halogen DJ Company’s 21st birthday DJ hire Melbourne comes with lighting to illuminate the dance floor and atmospheric effects to deliver an all-round incredible sensory experience.

Our 21st birthday DJ rental Melbourne will provide all the equipment required for an incredible night as well as a great DJ for the most competitive of prices around Melbourne.

Lastly, here at Halogen DJ Company, we understand just how strenuous and tiring organising a 21st birthday party can be and so we aim to provide each and every one of our customers with the highest level of customer service to ensure a quick and easy booking process.

We look forward to answering any of the questions, queries or inquires you may have regarding booking our 21st birthday DJ hire Melbourne.


  • A highly skilled DJ with personality and flare to bring the hype to your 21st birthday
  • Atmospheric effect and lighting to stimulate your guests senses and give them an experience to never forget
  • High quality sound systems to pump out the bass your guests will be dancing too
  • Unlimited access to our massive 13,000 song strong music data base
  • Competitive prices

Our offices are located in the Eastern suburbs and North Western suburbs of Melbourne, so we are easily able to travel to areas such as Strathmore, Richmond, Oak Park, Hawthorn, Epping, Altona, Frankston, Docklands, Maribyrnong, Craigieburn, Bendigo, Campbellfield, Brunswick and more.