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So, you’re getting married to the love of your life. No biggie. Among all of the wedding details, finding a quality Wedding DJ Service Melbourne is so important. And it’s none other than Halogen DJ Company moving the crowd all the ways the perfect DJ should, so your pursuit for the Disc Jockey of your dreams stops here. With us you’ll be in great hands.

Our Professional DJs are experienced in not only setting the atmosphere, but getting the calmest of people to dance the night away; because if weddings aren’t the perfect occasion to let the music move you, then we’re not really sure what is!

We understand the importance of a qualified Wedding DJ Service Melbourne. So never fear, energy will never be lacking with our Wedding DJ Service Melbourne. We provide DJs that are as passionate as our newlyweds are about each other, and have a hype playlist that every guest will be drawn to the dance floor for.

We have a wide range of DJs from the young and hip with the new and the classics, to those with decades of experience holding the greatest hits of all time in their back pocket. Our Wedding DJ Service Melbourne has the perfect playlist just waiting to be put together and vibed to with you and your friends and family at your wedding.

And let’s not forget how emotional a wedding can be. That’s why our DJs available for Wedding DJ Service Melbourne are trained to take your guests on a journey, from smiles, to tears and to laughter.

So let us celebrate love with you with our Wedding DJ Service Melbourne, and leave it to Halogen DJ Company to make sure you get a DJ that’s passionate about not just playing good songs, but getting the perfect song for every single moment. Because weddings are a celebration of the little moments in your love story.


Being able to host a wedding is an art only perfected with time; and with our Wedding DJ Service Melbourne you can be sure we’re well equipped with the experience needed to meet all of your needs.

Here’s the deal: having good equipment is only the beginning of our five star service. We here at Halogen DJ Company aim to go beyond, so we can offer you a customer service team that care about what you want and how you want your wedding to go. You can also rest easy, knowing our Wedding DJ Service Melbourne have an extremely qualified operating team that strive for excellence and won’t conform to adequate service.

We offer only the most experienced team, accustomed to meeting the clients’ needs. So when you hire our Wedding DJ Service Melbourne, you’re choosing the best company to tailor their services to the idea you have lingering in your mind.

There’s already so many things to stress about when it comes to planning your big day; why add another? Our Wedding DJ Service Melbourne can commit to taking care of your needs so that you can finally relax, knowing that if you chose Halogen DJ Company, you made the right decision.

Now: we get it, there’s hundreds of music genres out there. You might want something specific- a genre, a language, an era- so let us match you with a perfectly suited DJ to the music you want. You want a bit of everything? That’s okay too; we have the DJ and the hyped playlist you want. And with experience you can be certain we do not lack; in the past we’ve had the honour of providing our services to both local and international celebrities. We’re perfectly qualified to transform your wedding reception into a night-long version of “storytime”, taking your guests from tissues under the eyes watching your first dance as newlyweds, to a hype dance party everyone will rush to the dance floor for. It’s your night, so we want to help you tell your story.

Bottom line? When you hire Halogen DJ Company for your Wedding DJ Service, you’re taking a load off your shoulders. We have what you need, when you need it and how you want it; because it’s your wedding and you call the shots. It’s that easy. We have the perfect playlist, the full pocket of experience, hi-tech equipment, and DJs that bring all of those things together to create the perfect wedding night for you.


When you choose our Wedding DJ Service Melbourne, we don’t just send you our DJ in a cardboard box. We offer a whole bunch of perks to make your Wedding DJ Service just that little bit easier. To name a few, we offer:

  • Super friendly customer service staff who are well prepared to answer any questions you might have throughout the duration of your booking.
  • Only the best Hi-Tech equipment straight from the warehouse, chosen specifically because of its ability to emit remarkable sound.
  • The entertainment of your guests with the humour and expertise of our very own Master of Ceremonies.
  • Our team, who are ready to help you and guide you while you create your perfect wedding playlist.
  • Competitive prices.
  • If you request it, alternatives such as dry ice or other atmospheric effects to take the expression of your love to the next level.