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Getting married to the person you want to spend your life with should never be taken as anything short of a big deal. Halogen DJ Company’s Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne is the ultimate DJ Service to make your wedding yet another thing to be proud of!

If you’re looking for a DJ Company that is ready to look after your best interests, and do all it can for its Gay Wedding DJ Hire to take your wedding reception to the next level. Our services are specifically catered for people who want to make their gay wedding so phenomenal that nobody will ever forget it. Halogen DJ Company are Gay Wedding DJ specialists, and the best ones in Melbourne!

Our Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne packages are ready to send your wedding flying to new heights, with DJ professionals who come fully equipped with speakers, a DJ turntable, a music list perfect for all of your guests.

Our Gay Wedding DJ Hire professionals are also sent out with all of the personality, charisma and character that suit the DJ you’ve been dreaming about hiring. We only send out the best of our best, so that you can be sure that you’re going to get a DJ that knows how to get your Gay Wedding pumping.

Reading a crowd and creating hype out of pure talent is no easy task. However it is a task well suited to the expertise and training acquired by our Gay Wedding DJ Hire Disk Jockeys, who will continuously strive to make your dream Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne a reality at your wedding.

So choose Halogen DJ Company’s Gay Wedding DJ Hire to help you and the love of your life celebrate your True Colours. What our Gay Wedding DJ Hire Professionals are renowned for is their focus on every individual at your gay wedding, with an instilled priority to ensure every person is drawn to the dance floor. Our Professional Disc Jockeys are also especially drawn to get the quietest guests to come running to the dance floor.

Still not sure?

Halogen DJ Company’s Gay Wedding DJ Hire services offer the finest crowd-workers, who will always strive to find the perfect song for every single perfect moment.

When you book with Halogen DJ Company’s Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne, you can be sure that you’re booking a DJ that has the finest quality equipment (because quantity over quality is not our motto!), and the finest mega music database with the songs that’ll send your guests flying across the seven seas with the dance moves that only come out with the most legendary of songs. So that all of your guests.

Our extensive online music database has thousands of songs, with a spectrum of genres ranging from Pop’s Top 40’s, to R&B, all the way down to Latin, Electronic, the Classic Hits and more. All of the songs are ready to be hand chosen by you to create your perfect wedding playlist. The playlist will be perfect because it’ll be made by you, for you. Our Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne service is committed to cater to all of your guests, even the pickiest of people.


We here at Halogen DJ Company do. Expertise is best and only acquired through experience, and Halogen DJ Company’s consistent presence in the entertainment industry has been serving happy clients for over a decade. But Halogen DJ Company has the Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne because of not only our expertise, but our relentless spirit of excellence in everything we do. Consulting with our clients will tell you that we are not renowned for just our Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne services, but our attitude to be of service and always strive to be the best.

What’s more?

We have a top tier customer service team that are ready, trained and willing to hear all of your queries and questions you might have throughout the entire course of your booking. This is because we, as Halogen DJ Company, believe in delivering a service that you and your partner will be proud for having chosen, and look back with a smile at the most fantastic night ever.

Our Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne was specifically created to take your gay wedding reception to another level. You see, every wedding is different and bound to have versatility. Some like funk, rock, hop, Latin music, and classics- why not, some even enjoy the traditional German yodel. There’s no rules on taste. So let us here at Halogen DJ Company be a part of your own personal way and journey of making history.

But we note that an amazing DJ service doesn’t come only with a customised wedding playlist. This is why our Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne DJ’s come equipped with the lighting you need to glow, pop, and prepare your guests to get hyped after the serenity of the moment you kiss your bride or groom.

Lastly: Our Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne DJ’s are expert microphone workers, with training and expertise in getting your guests involved, hyped up and moving.


When you choose our Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne services for your Gay Wedding Reception, we like to express our gratitude to you by throwing in a bunch of perks to go alongside your booking. In a nutshell:
  • Some of the most competitive prices on the market, because getting a legendary DJ at your gay wedding shouldn’t blow your budget out the window!
  • An extensive online music database that is at your disposal to hand pick and choose, so that you can choose the perfect wedding playlist
  • An excellent team of experts that are ready to help you if you wish for any help or guidance to create your playlist from our database
  • Party lighting that leaves your dance floor looking like a true party, promoting plenty of dancing in amongst your guests
  • Upon request, if you’re feeling that little bit extra, the opportunity to book atmospheric effects such as Dry Ice for your first dance, smoke, fake snow, confetti, etc. to make your wedding fantasies a reality!
  • A five star quality customer service team that will constantly and consistently aim to make your booking experience as smooth, easy and efficient as possible
  • An expert DJ to man the turntables, work the crowd at your Gay Wedding DJ Hire Melbourne and keep the party happening all night long!