Enclosed Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Enclosed Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Enclosed Photo Booth Rental

Looking to provide your guests with that extra special element they can share with their friends and family for years to come? Look no further then Halogen’s enclosed photo booth hire in Melbourne to provide you with what you are looking for.

Halogen Entertainment prides itself on its enclosed photo booth’s ability to provide a service that will allow you to capture those syrupy, sweet memories to adore with posterity. It is our number one priority to give you and your guests the ingredients you need to cook up an unforgettable night.

Our service provides everyone with not only the chance to pose with their friends and make beautiful memories, but to print them out and reminisce about how great a time they had at YOUR event thus making us your number one choice for an enclosed photo booth hire in Melbourne.

But that’s not all, as a company that has spent over a decade in the entertainment industry, Halogen knows just how strenuous and tiring planning an event can be and will facilitate an easy and efficient enclosed photo booth hire that we know you will be satisfied with.


Searching for an Enclosed Photo Booth Hire?

Through the years of experience in the industry, and hundreds of reviews from happy customers. Halogens enclosed photo booth rental has cemented itself as one of the prime photo booth services Melbourne has to offer. This means you can relax knowing that Halogen’s got you covered throughout the entirety your hire experience.

So what does this mean?

Well for starters, Halogen’s priorities lie in your best interests and we know you want to provide entertainment for your guests with quick and easy service to reduce the overall stress that planning an event can bring on you.

We bring you the entertainment with our photo booths high definition camera and high resolution printing, set up in any location of your choice. Our Enclosed photo booth hire features a curtain hanging from a frame in front of the photo booth that allows for you and your friends to seize beautiful moments in privacy.

We also offer over 30 fun props to add to your photo’s already gorgeous aesthetic. We also offer sponsor wall with a red carpet upon request to give you an authentic red carpet experience.

Not convinced yet?

Our Enclosed Photo Booth hire also involves the assistance for any of your questions or queries throughout the entirety of your rental experience.

We go out of our way to provide you with the unrivalled customer service that will provide you with the great time and easy rental process you are looking for, so if you’re looking for your guests to share amazing memories, unrivalled customer service and great quality prints.

So if you’re looking for your guests to share amazing memories, unrivalled customer service and great quality prints, Halogen Is your number one choice for enclosed photo booth rental in Melbourne.

Why do we have the Best Enclosed Photo Booth Hire In Melbourne?

Halogen’s enclosed photo booth hire involves;

  • Privacy, to take those whacky and crazy photos reserved only for your photo album
  • High Definition and High resolution printing to make your photos clear as day
  • Fun props, to add to your enclosed photo booth rental experience and bring that special element to each capture
  • Unlimited photo strips each with a personal message on the bottom of each strip; and
  • Strong customer service to make your enclosed photo booth hire experience easy efficient and over all satisfying
  • Efficient payment methods, Cash, Credit Card and Bank transfer

So show off that big pearly white smile with Halogens Enclosed photo booth Hire!

Our offices are located in the heart of the Eastern and North Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Our Company is just a few minutes from Sunbury, Melton, Hawthorn, Essendon, South Melbourne, Flinders Street, Caroline Springs, Altona and more.


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Engagement Photo Booth Hire

Seize those photo strip moments within the privacy that our enclosed photo booth hire Melbourne gives you. Our service is perfect for your engagement as it allows your guests to capture the best moments of your night and hold onto them for as long as they see fit. With our enclosed engagement photo booth hire Melbourne, you will have access to high definition captures and printouts to make your photos clear as day. So if it’s the extra edge you’re looking to bring to your engagement, let our enclosed engagement photo booth hire Melbourne provide it for you.  Read More...


Portable Photo Booth Hire

Wherever you go and wherever you stay, you can now create those sweet photo strip memories with Halogen Entertainment’s enclosed portable photo booth hire Melbourne. Our photo booths will give you a chance to make classic snapshots and print them out on to a photo strip with a personalised message on the bottom. Our service features the choice of hundreds of fun props as well as a surrounding curtain to seize those sweet memories in private, so when you think of giving an amazing experience to yourself and those around you, think of Halogen’s enclosed portable photo booth hire Melbourne. Read More…


Kids Photo Booth Hire

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Enclosed Photo booth Hire In Melbourne – Reviews

Giselle M

We used the closed photo booth for my 21st! It worked so well and was extremely easy to set up!

David L

The props and the booth were a crazy success. People kept taking pictures and the booth worked with no problem. The personalised message looked amazing!

Dario K

I hired the open air photo booth with the red carpet and sponsor wall, me and my friends were famous for a night… Just for a night

Jamie S

Generally a good experience, the guests loved it

Steven D

It’s actually really nice to have those picture strips in your hand rather than a phone.

Amy V

We loved it, the girls were in and out and eventually there was a line out front of the booth

Stephanie R

Thank you for coming through in-spite of my last minute booking. All of my questions were answered over one phone call. The guys arrived earlier than expected to set up, showed me how the whole thing would work and where I would find all my pictures. My friends and I were able to take soo many pictures that night. Memories we will keep. Thanks guys.

Bridget G

The photo booth worked perfectly well. As promised it was set up before time and we were able to take as many pictures as we liked. My daughter and her friends were very happy with the quality of the pictures as well. It was also a crowd pleaser, someone was in front of that camera through the night. You delivered on your promises.

Janet L

Thank you for coming in so last minute. The pictures looked lovely. The service was great, I received soft copies of all my pictures just 2 days after my party.