Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Photo booth Hire Melbourne

Looking For A Photo Booth Hire Melbourne?

People who throw unforgettable events do two things very well:

First, they choose a great DJ; and

Second, they choose the perfect Photo Booth.

It’s almost impossible to throw an unforgettable bash without either one of them- you especially need Halogen DJ Company’s Photo Booth Hire Melbourne!

So grab a prop, take a pic (or seventy five, do you) and create memories in our Photo Booth Hire that’ll last longer than a Nokia phone. Your photos matter, so might as well make them spectacular! Your event will never be forgotten if you choose Halogen DJ’s Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne.

Photo Booths have become a must have at every birthday, wedding, corporate- and being able to incorporate them into your event should not make you blow your budget out of proportion.

We here at Halogen DJ Company strongly believe that you should not have to sacrifice quality in the name of conserving your wallet. “Quantity over Quality” is not our mantra, with Photo Booths featuring top-tier photos alongside great quality booths. Our Photo Booth Hire Melbourne is a cost-effective avenue to memories worth safekeeping forever.


We understand the value of memories, and the pricelessness of walls or scrapbooks full of printed photos (because photos on a screen just doesn’t feel the same). But we also understand how frustrating it is when you just can’t get the right angle or your highlighter doesn’t pop enough.

So it’s a good thing that with us, you can avoid both of those problems. How? Our Photo Booth Hire Melbourne offers unlimited printing with every hire! Take as many photos as you want- we’re speaking to all of the perfectionists out there when we say that if it’s going to be stuck up on your wall, we know it can’t be anything short of perfect.

We also know that when you’re hosting an event, you only want to hire the best. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and choose us at Halogen DJs, because when we put our booths up for custom design we did it with you in mind. Whether you want an open air booth or an enclosed one, you can be sure we’ve got your perfect match. Quality film, quality friends and quality #throwbacks for five years’ time.

So what’s the catch?

Technology can be complicated. We know. But why does your event have to be? Part of our Photo Booth Hire custom design was done to ensure that whilst they was made by professionals, their operation shouldn’t be exclusively for professionals. One of the best things about our Photo Booth Hire is that, put simply, it’s for everyone!

This is what we and all of our regular clients love about our Photo Booth Hire:

With a few basic instructions the photo booth hire can be set up with ease- even by an amateur.

Don’t let your fear of technology or past blunders stop you from asking us at Halogen DJ Company HQ how our Photo Booth Hire Melbourne can be of substantial benefit to you and your event. We’re the experts, allowing you to keep a peace of mind in the knowledge that we’ll do all we can to make the process user-friendly. Whether you’re throwing a hype birthday party, or a corporate function, or a kids’ birthday, you can rest assured knowing that Halogen DJ Company has what you need to take your event to the next level.

So capture the highlights of your special night on high quality film with our photo booth rental in Melbourne. We know that you want non-stop clicking, a huge range of props and endless possibilities- it’s what every Photo Booth Hire strives for. Well we’ve achieved it, and pride ourselves of the positive feedback from happy clients and their happy guests. Nobody does it like us!

Keeping this in mind, there’s nothing stopping you! So please, go ahead: document your fun in a picture perfect and high quality booth!


Which is the Best Photo Booth Hire Melbourne?

Well we are glad you asked! Halogen DJ’s Photo booth has often be referred to as the life of the party. With fun props and unlimited clicks our photo booth delivers on every promise we make upon the booking.

A picture is a worth a thousand words and with our unique and specialised service, we offer you the chance to talk about a single night for years to come.

With Halogen DJ’s Photo booth rental our clients don’t just take but make a picture!

As a company that has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, we understand the stress that goes into planning an event. And so the aim of every one of our services is to guide you through, right from your enquiries to the night of your event.


When you choose us, we like to show you our gratitude with a bunch of extra perks that come along with the Photo Booth. Halogen DJ’s Photo booth Hire in Melbourne offers:

  • Setting up the Picture booth wherever you like in the venue or location of your choice;
  • Creating of as many memories as you’d like on your special day;
  • Some of the most cost effective and competitive prices for our sought after Photo Booth rental in Melbourne;
  • High quality pictures and unlimited prints for every pose your strike;
  • Professional and highly trained customer service team devoted to and well trained to offer you prompt and helpful responses through the duration of your booking. Halogen DJ Company have you at the top of our priority list, so that we can ensure that your booking experience can be as fast, easy and smooth as possible!
  • Efficient and Flexible Methods of Payment; including Cash, EFTPOS and Credit Card.

Our offices are located in the heart of the Eastern and North Western Suburbs of Melbourne. We provide Photo booth hires from both our Company locations which is have an extensive reach to many locations, from North Melbourne, Williamstown, Keilor, Essendon, Geelong, Brunswick, Ringwood, Craigieburn, Bacchus Marsh, Oak Park and more.


Open Air Photo Booth Hire

Bring your instagram posts to life with an incredibly detailed and high quality open air photo booth hire in Melbourne. Give your guests an unforgettable night with instant clicks and a personalised message on each picture strip. Once the booking has been made, you can tick photo booth of your list! Our skilled and trained staff will be in touch with you every step of the way. Your wish becomes our command and we will do everything within our power to make it a reality. Book yourself our photo booth hire and capture every priceless moment at your next event.  Read More…


Enclosed Photo Booth Hire

Feel like celebrity as you walk on red carpet and make your way to our exquisite enclosed photo booth hire in Melbourne! Our photo booth rentals have been designed and created by the skilfull staff at Halogen DJ’s. They have been formed with the sole purpose of being as customer friendly as possible. Unlike most enclosed photo booths, ours offers a huge area within the booth which will allow you to fit over 15 people in there. Each of our photo booth hires comes with a wide range of props enabling you a create a different memory before every click. Want to know more? Read More…


David V

Easily set up and great quality pictures at a reasonable price. To sum it up it was money well spent.

Stephanie R

Thank you for coming through in-spite of my last minute booking. All of my questions were answered over one phone call. The guys arrived earlier than expected to set up, showed me how the whole thing would work and where I would find all my pictures. My friends and I were able to take soo many pictures that night. Memories we will keep. Thanks guys.

Bridget G

The photo booth worked perfectly well. As promised it was set up before time and we were able to take as many pictures as we liked. My daughter and her friends were very happy with the quality of the pictures as well. It was also a crowd pleaser, someone was in front of that camera through the night. You delivered on your promises.

Jaye H

Thanks guys, the photo booth worked really well! The pictures turned out fantastic…

Jeremiah D

You guys were awesome! My fiance didn’t see it coming and was surprised to have the photo booth on the day. It worked really well for us and the picture booth was a massive success on the night. Looking forward to using you guys again!

Yvonne J

The service was reasonable and the picture booth hire worked well too.