Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Looking For a Party DJ Hire Melbourne?

At Halogen DJ’s,  we understand that the beats of the right tune can be the game changer at your next event!

As an entertainment company with many years of experience in the industry we realise the importance of treating each event as its own. Our motto is to keep every Party DJ Hire Melbourne fresh and up to date, tailored to the needs and wants of the client.

Each of our Party DJ Hire’s are seasoned and handpicked, for the reason that they will do everything in their power to make your event one to remember.

Our unique Party DJ’s are all across Melbourne and we give all of our clients the unique opportunity to back track right to the 1950’s and fast forward to the current top 40’s while creating and customizing your very own playlist for the night.

Searching For the Best Party DJ Hire Melbourne?

Song Requests? Non Stop Dancing?  And Loads of crowd interaction is what our DJ’s live for!

With a decade of experienced, thousands of well pleased customers and regular clientele we are known to deliver on our promises. Our staff will be with you right from the time of the booking until the night of your event. Every one of our employees are highly skilled and trained to answer any queries you may leading up to your event. We understand the stress that goes into planning a night and as a company we will leave no stone unturned to offer you the party you envisioned.

Your Party DJ Hire Melbourne will be sure to bring both personality and atmosphere to your special night. Everyone of our DJ’s are equally professional and adept individuals that will cater only to your needs.

Which is the best Party DJ Hire Melbourne?

Well, we are proud to present our Party DJ Hire Melbourne as it entails the following,

  • Value for your resources and so we ensure the most competitive prices in the market.
  • Complete freedom to select the tunes you’d like played on your special night.
  • An online music list with video snippets of the greatest hits in Music history.
  • An efficient Customer service team that will offer nothing short of prompt answers leading up to your event.
  • An experienced Disc Jockey that is able to both read the crowd as well as get them out of seats and dancing.
  • Up to the minute sound systems accompanied by the sound activated lighting at no extra cost.
  • Atmospheric effects that will take your night to a whole new level.
  • Our Party DJ Hire Melbourne has been used all over the state of Victoria including the suburbs of Coburg, Altona, Essendon, Yarra Valley, Docklands, Melbourne CBD and many more.

16th Birthday - DJ Hire Melbourne

Your sweet 16th is coming up! Sweet! But you know what’s even sweeter? A sweet 16th party with a sweet DJ! Now that’s sweet, and that’s exactly what our 16th birthday Party DJ hire gives you, our DJ’s are the dopest in Melbourne and will have all of your guests partying up and getting down on the dance floor to all  of your favourite songs. Our music list has it all, to have all your guests out of their seats and moving, regardless of their music taste, and that’s not all. We’ll take your party to the next level with our atmospheric effects and sound activated lighting so that your night becomes the talk of your school for months to come. That is what you receive when you book Halogen’s 16th birthday Party DJ hire Melbourne. Read More ..


18th - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Congratulations! Your about to become an adult! And it’s time to celebrate with Halogen DJ’s 18th Birthday Party DJ Hire. Here at Halogen DJ’s we understand just how much of a milestone tuning 18 is and we want you to celebrate the beginning the next stage of your life accordingly! Our DJ’s will bring the hype to your party so that each and every one of your friends will be partying just as hard as you! And that’s not all, with our wide range of effects machines we’ll create an atmosphere that is perfect for having a great time, so if it’s a great time you are looking for, look no further than Halogen Dj’s 18th birthday DJ hire Melbourne. Read More…


21st - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Looking to plan an unforgettable 21st Birthday? Well, you’ve come to just the place. Halogen DJ’s presents its 21st Birthday DJ Hire in Melbourne. A DJ that has been customised to suit the needs of a 21st birthday. We will be sure to bring the greatest hits in music history to your party. Our DJ’s are both skilled and professional. They come with the latest audio equipment and lighting. We design our service to cater to any need you may have. Read more…


50th - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Looking for DJ to help celebrate one of your greatest landmarks? Look no further, Halogen’s 50th Birthday Party DJ Hire Melbourne is just the thing for you. With over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, top of line party lighting and sound system our entertainers have been tailored to give you night of elegance and class. We understand how special this moment can be and we want to help make one that you always remember. Our 50th Birthday Party DJ Hire will make sure that he plays all your favourites right from your teens to the your present choices. Our staff will do everything in their power to give you a stress free and competitive service.Read More…


70th - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

What’s more special than commemorating a 70th Birthday? Halogen presents an Entertainer for your Grand parents or parents birthday. So Plan an extraordinary night for those dear to your heart with our 70th Birthday Party DJ Hire. These DJ’s are experienced and understand the significance of the day. We offer you the opportunity to make as many song requests as you like from our wide range of music. Our 70th Birthday Party DJ Hire Melbourne also brings in a microphone to ensure you can make a heart warming speech and top of the range speakers so your guests can break a leg if they like. We want your event to be as stress free as possible and our staff will stop at nothing in order to provide the best DJ service in Melbourne. Read More…


Corporate - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Want to provide your co-workers with that extra level of entertainment at your next corporate event? Then you want Halogen DJ’s corporate Party DJ hire. We will provide you and your co-workers with a DJ that will bring a new level of hype, class and entertainment to your night. With our massive music data base featuring every genre of music in recording history we will be sure to have something for every one of the musical tastes your event is facilitating. So if you want bring the hype to your next corporate event, Halogen DJ’s corporate Party DJ hire is your first choice for all your hype needs.  Read More… 


Retro - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

From The Beatles to the Bee Gees and the king of rock n roll to the king of pop! Our retro Party DJ hire specialises in the classics of yesterday to take your ears on a journey through time! Whether it’s 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or 00’s, if there is a classic, we’ve got it! Our DJ’s will engage your crowd and play the tunes you love! So if you are looking to deliver the guests of your next big event a unique and unforgettable experience, than Halogen DJ’s retro Party DJ hire Melbourne is your number one choice for DJ’s in Melbourne.  Read More…

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RnB - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Looking to light up your next big event with the smooth flavours of RnB? Then our RnB Party DJ hire is just for you! From the polished rhythms of Drake to the blues of Stevie ray Vaughn, our RnB Party DJ hire has everything to satisfy your need for RnB. We guarantee that our DJ’s will read your crowd and play the right music that the moment calls for all whilst leaving you as happy as can be with the best RnB DJ hire Melbourne has to offer.  Read More…


Dance - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

It’s all about the bass with Halogen DJ’s dance DJ hire Melbourne. Our DJ’s will be sure to have everyone at your next big event moving and grooving to the beat of the bass drum. Our mega music data base features everything from the dawn of dance music to the Tiestos and Guettas of today. So you can rest assured that everyone at your event will be on the dance floor and dancing the night away with Halogen’s Melbourne dance DJ hire. Read More…


Rock - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Put your fist in the air and raise your index and pinky, it’s time to rock out with Halogen DJ’s rock Party DJ hire. The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin , Pink Floyd, Queen, Van Halen, Guns N Roses, Metallica, Megadeth, Nirvana, etc., etc., the list goes on and we’ve got them all and more. Our Melbourne Rock DJ hire will turn your dance floor into a mosh pit, so you can rest assured that when you book our Melbourne Rock DJ hire, you are booking a great DJ with great music for all of your guests to enjoy. Read More …


Country - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Grab your guitar, get on the open road and tell a story with Halogen DJ’s country music Party DJ Hire. Bring some sweet melodies to your event with the likes of Kenny Rogers, Keith Urban and Karrie Underwood or turn your event in to a real life hoedown with the likes of Brad Paisley, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift. However you want your hoe down to go down, we’ll make it happen with the best country music DJ hire Melbourne has to offer. Read More…


House - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Vibe out with Halogen DJ’s Party DJ Hire. Create an atmosphere like no other with the help of the beats coming out of our complimentary speakers and subwoofers as well as the aura our sound activated lighting and atmospheric effects create. From house parties to corporate events and everything in between, our house Party DJ hire will be sure to have your dance floor bouncing to thus ensure that everyone at your event has a great time. Our music list features hundreds of house classics for all of your ‘dance the night away’ needs, So if it’s a great time you are looking for then look no further than Halogen Entertainments House Melbourne DJ hire to provide it! Read More...


Jazz - Party DJ Hire Melbourne

It’s all about the smooth, the soul and rhythm with our jazz Party DJ hire Melbourne. Immerse yourself in the midst of peacefulness and serenity that Jazz music presents to you with the help of our Jazz DJ’s. Unfortunately Jazz is in an era of dormancy in our modern age, however, our Melbourne jazz DJ hire is playing its part to keep the beautiful soulful rhythms and melodies of jazz alive! From the roaring range of frank Sinatra to the beautiful Melodies of Nina Simone, we have everything you need to satisfy your itch for jazz with our massive music data base, so if you are just as passionate as we are about Jazz, then it’s only fitting to check out our Jazz DJ Hire.  Read More…


Debutante Ball - DJ Hire Melbourne

The best part of High school is on the way and it’s your opportunity to provide your students or class mates with the sound track to a night that they will remember for the rest of their lives. With our massive music database featuring over 13,000 songs, we will have something for everyone at your deb and will be sure to have each and every student on the dance floor and celebrating an amazing achievement. Making it to the end of school! So if you’re looking to provide your students with a great time, then look no further than Halogen DJ’s Debutante Party DJ hire. Read More…


Joshua B

I had one of the DJs come down to my 21st birthday a couple of weeks ago, and he absolutely killed it! I wasn’t too sure how he’d be at first seeing as it was my first time ever hiring a DJ, but everyone loved the music! He played all of my favourites and a couple others I didn’t even know – but loved. 10/10 would recommend! The only thing was the guy and his trainee came earlier than he said he would and we weren’t ready for him yet, but other than that – really good!

Gabriella D

I used Halogen DJ’s for my 20th Birthday last weekend.
We required them to come in last minute as the DJ I had booked cancelled on me two days before my party.
They responded to my phone call, explained how the music would work and waited until I got the final word about the price.
They came in way before time, spoke to me about the music and took requests through the night.
I wish I had found them first.
I’ve already recommended them to my friends.

Jackson G

The dudes were just great! We called, they came in and did their thing. The crowd were on the dance floor for ages! A few of us pitched in and paid for the DJ, so it worked cheap money wise to. They were rad! I’ve already booked thm in for the next gig.

Dominic S

I hired Halogen DJ’s for a Party. They were really easy to talk too. Each time I called to speak to them, they answered promptly.
On the day the DJ was before time and had everything set up over half an hour before time. He played all the music that I wanted and my guests seemed happy as well. The payment was no hassle at all. I will definitely use them again and recommend their service to people looking for a DJ service.

Julian B 

We used Halogen DJ’s for our Wedding. The service we received right from the first phone call, through the constant emails and on the day was simply amazing. The staff could not have been more accommodating or friendly. We received a variety of music that we were able to pick out and hand over to the DJ on the night. The DJ worked the room and had everyone dancing for hours. He was also open for further requests on the night. They brought the sound system and the party lighting that they promised. I’d definitely recommend to book them for any event, especially a wedding. The DJ was one thing I didn’t have to worry about.

Jesse T

We found these guys on google. We weren’t sure what to type in for a 18th Birthday DJ and so just wrote Melbourne DJ hire. These guys were fantastic. One phone call was all it took and we were booked in for a party. On the day, they got in earlier than expected, played the music we wanted. Was just super easy with these guys.