Kids DJ Hire Melbourne

Kids DJ Hire Melbourne

Children’s DJ Hire Melbourne

Provide your kids with a party they’ll never forget with Halogen DJ’s Kids DJ Hire Melbourne.

From the hits of today and the classics of yesterday, our Kids Melbourne DJ Rental will bring the life to your kid’s party so that party poppers AND the party will be popping! But how?

Halogen’s Kids Melbourne DJ Hire will have your Kids party popping by providing you with the most highly trained DJ’s Melbourne has to offer.

Each of which is trained to give you a service that will leave you as happy as the rest of the customers we have served throughout our many years of experience in the industry.

When you book with Halogen, you book the highest standard of customer service that will be sure to making your booking process as quick and easy as possible, thus providing you with an amazing service and your number one choice for Kids DJ Hire Melbourne.



Each one of our Kids Melbourne DJ Rental DJ’s are scouted and meticulously trained to provide the vibes, the tunes, and the party to you night to thus ensure every single one of your little ones are on the dance floor and off their phones and IPads!

With our huge music list featuring over 13,000 songs, we’ll be sure to have the songs for any taste your party may feature, so you can rest assured that when you organise Halogens Kids Melbourne DJ Hire, you are organising a great time for all of your guests.

And even in the unlikely chance that your favourite tunes are not featured in our huge music list, simply request them upon booking and we’ll have them ready for you and your kids on the night of your event.

Our Melbourne kids DJ rental also features complimentary high definition speakers and sub woofers to make those tunes sound crisp and clear so that not only will your kids hear the music, they will feel the music. But that’s not all

Our Kids Melbourne DJ Hire also features included atmospheric effects and sound activated lighting to help create an atmosphere your kids will be sure to never forget.

Lastly, when you book with Halogen DJ’s, you can rest assured your booking process will be made as quick and easy as possible thanks to our impeccable customer service team that will be sure to answer any questions or queries you may have throughout your event, thus providing you with the best Kids DJ Rental Melbourne has to offer.


  • Highly trained DJ’s to bring personality and flare to your kid’s night
  • The choice of over 13,000 songs from our expansive and ever growing song list with the option to request songs we may not already feature
  • High Clarity speakers and sub woofers to make your kids favourite songs sound amazing!
  • Complimentary sound activated lighting and atmospheric effects to make your night a night to remember
  • High quality customer service to make your booking process as quick and easy as possible
  • Competitive prices and efficient payment methods including cash, credit card and direct bank transfer

Our offices are located in the heart of the Eastern and North Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Our Company is just a few minutes from St Kilda, Docklands, Geelong, Dandenong, Frankston, Yarraville, Coburg and more.


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REVIEWS – Kids DJ Hire Melbourne

Katy B

Our DJ was great, really worth the money and he took requests and stuff.

Mariah C

OUR DJ WAS AMAZING! No really, he was really good with the kid’s and took all of their sugar-drunk requests with ease, the customer service was really helpful and made everything super quick and easy for me to book and yeah!

Luke P

I organised a DJ for my son’s birthday, it went very well, very impressed

Karen N

Happy with how it all went, not one hitch or problem, booking process was all good.

Lisa B

Once again another job well done, look forward to booking a DJ with you guys next year again.

Bridgette B

Ok so firstly I want to say thankyou, second your service was amazing, you made it really easy and before I knew it the DJ was all booked, then on the night the DJ was amazing and took requests, had the kids dancing and was really professional.