Karaoke DJ Hire Melbourne

 Karaoke DJ Hire Melbourne

Looking For A Karaoke DJ Hire in Melbourne?

A Karaoke Party can be the perfect break to discover hidden talents and experience the excitement of being in the spotlight.

Every one of our Karaoke DJ’s are handpicked to suit the theme of your party.

Make sure your favourite song is always on the Karaoke List with Halogens Karaoke DJ Hire. With unlimited access to our online music database, you can pick and choose every song for your very own Karaoke night.

Our company works on this list on a regular basis to make sure this collection of tunes is fully updated. Create a playlist across the different eras of music including the oldies as well as the current Billboard hits.

Searching For A Karaoke DJ Hire?

Halogen DJ Company has over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry.

With our customised service, top of the line equipment, frequently updated music list and the most competitive prices in the market, we are now uniquely equipped to provide you with a Karaoke DJ Hire that your will always remember.

Upon request our company is able to provide you with a MC that is both organised and fun to help smoothly manoeuvre and run your memorable night.

What Makes Us the Best Karaoke DJ Hire In Melbourne?

With Halogen Karaoke DJ Hire we offer you –

  • A Customised Playlist Just For You.
  • A Monitor Screen with all the lyrics to your favourite tunes to sing along too.
  • A Fully Equipped Sound System, Party Lighting and Microphone at your complete disposal on the night.
  • A Night where you purely pay for the time that we play your favourite hits.
  • An Option to Upgrade and get an MC that loves Karaoke just as much as you do.
  • An Expert Customer Service Team that will guide through your seamless journey right from the enquiry to the night of your event.

Halogen’s Karaoke DJ Hire has been known to put the F in FUN across corporate functions, Kids parties and birthdays. Our services have been used by clients across the great state of Victoria, spanning from Altona, Ringwood, Oak Park, Srathmore, Hawthorn, Shepparton, Melton, Castle Maine, Torquay and more.


Kids Karaoke DJ Hire

Halogen DJs Kids Karaoke Hire, is the optimal hire if you’re looking for a fun night to remember, for the kids in your life and for you! Channel your inner superstar, and sing and dance the night away with the Kid’s Karaoke Hire, let each song sung be a journey into the life of a famous singer. Sing along to all of your favourite songs with a couple of your favourite people, with the Kids DJ Karaoke Hire. Maybe you’re having a party, and you’ve got everything taken care of, the food, the theme, the guest list, you’ve even selected a few of your favourite tunes to have played during it all.   Read More with our Karaoke DJ Hire…

Reviews – Karaoke DJ Hire Melbourne

Tash M

These guys were just great! The DJ got the crowd participating! Was just such a fun night…

Jeshua I

We hired a Karaoke DJ for my 18th! They had countless songs and the DJ co-ordinated the night really well too. Would definitely recommend using this company.

Quade Au

The staff were pleasant to talk too and helpful right until the day of the event. My sister enjoyed the DJ and he quickly switched from being a Karaoke DJ to a Mobile DJ when the crowd wanted to dance. The sound and lighting they brought it was pretty good too! Money well spent.

Bridget M

My daughters 10th was a huge success, largely cause of the Karaoke DJ we got in. He knew how to work the crowd and get everyone involved. They came in earlier than expected and were all set up way before the guests arrived! We have already booked them in for my 40th Birthday!

Melanie S

Tooo gooodd! We enjoyed the night!!

Benjamin T

I don’t usually do this, but these guys deserve a good review! The DJ was just on top of it all night. He knew what our guests wanted. Was really easy to communicate with. He took in almost all the requests and was there later when the crowd demanded it. The price was very reasonable too. Thanks for a great night Halogen DJ’s.

Maria L

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for coming in so last minute! No one would’ve said that we asked you to come in just a day before the event. Our DJ fell through at the last minute and the staff at Halogen just managed everything with just a few quick phone calls. The DJ was great too!