Visual Equipment Hire Melbourne

Visual Equipment Hire Melbourne

Where Can You Find The Best Visual Equipment Hire Melbourne?

Let me show you…

Are you looking to paint a picture without paint? To project one that will speak a volumes without saying a word? To put it simply, you’ve found it!

Halogen DJ Company’s Visual Equipment Hire Melbourne will equip and enable to paint a picture for everyone watching with our state of the art projectors and screens.

Our Visual Equipment Hire Melbourne entails the latest machinery at the cheapest prices.

Whether it be a simple desktop projection, movies or film clips our team will ensure that they appear exactly the way you want them to be seen.

If you’re unsure about the equipment you require to create what you’re after, our highly trained and experienced customer service team are just a phone call away. We understand the effort that goes into planning an intimate gathering or a large scale corporate event. And so our aim is to make sure your booking process is as efficient as possible.

$90.00 Per Day

Level 1 P.A. Pack

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers

2 x Speaker Stands

1 x Microphone

$155.00 Per Day

Level 2 P.A. Pack:

4 x 15″ Powered Speakers

4 x Speaker Stands

2 x Microphones

2 x Microphone Stands

$225.00 Per Day

Level 3 P.A. Pack:

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers

2 x Speaker Stands

1 x Microphone

1 x Microphone Stand

Visual Equipment:

1 x Projector

1 X Projector Screen

$390.00 Per Day

Level 4 Ipod Pack:

4 x 15″ Powered Speakers

4 x Speaker Stands

2 x Microphones

2 x Microphone Stands

Visual Equipment:

2 x Projector

2 x Projector Screen

1 x Video Splitter


At Halogen DJ Company, we believe that the three essentials to a smooth booking process are well maintained and reliable equipment, competitive prices as well as great service!

Our Visual Equipment Hire features a number of LCD projectors that bring out the clarity in each graphic. These projectors offer vivid, clear and picturesque visuals to all its viewers.

Our Dell Projector Hire Melbourne will provide you with the ultimate backyard barbeque stable. So if you seek to embarrass your kids on their sweet 16th or present that Christmas family slideshow, our Visual Equipment Hire Melbourne is for you.

However, a projector with a projector screen can be as useless as a car without gas! And so to enable that cinematic view Halogen DJ’s offers you the chance to choose from our modern projector screens.

Our Projector Screen’s cater for events of various natures whether it be small and intimate or corporate and large.

So, to cut a long story short if you have something you would like seen, our Visual Equipment Hire team will be make it happen!

We also offer our customers a short throw to ensure that their image is seen by all with both precision and definition, and so making our Visual Equipment Hire Melbourne the ultimate choice for display.

For all those looking to project one picture on multiple screen our visual splitters or amplifiers are what you need. This small little piece of equipment enables you to break the visual without comprising the quality.

Lastly, we offer Sony digital camcorder hire Melbourne for those who seek the opportunity to film their surroundings, provide a live stream of the present stage show to a larger projector screen and much more.

Only with Halogen DJ Company will you find all of the above under one roof.

So when you book Visual Equipment Hire through Halogen DJ Company, our customer service team will do everything in their power to ensure that your booking experience is both fast and stress free.

We look forward to answering any of the questions, queries or enquiries you may have with regards to the booking our Visual Equipment Hire Melbourne.


Halogen DJ Company! Upon booking with us you can receive…

  • Projector rental to help you display your phone, laptop, tablet or computer for an audience
  • Projector screen hire to have something to project your display onto.
  • Desktop monitor rental for maximum accessibility to the picture being displayed for the presenter
  • Short throw lens hire Melbourne to make sure that your display can be seen without diminishing visual quality
  • Sony camcorder rental for various visual recording purposes including live feeds.

REVIEWS – Visual Equipment Hire Melbourne

Peta J

The projector and projector screen were absolutely wonderful, we used them for my little girls christening to show our family all of the wonderful photos we have taken of her over the times.

Madison W

We got a projector screen and projector as well as some stands and speakers for my dad’s fiftieth and it was a riot, great stuff guys, keep up the good work.

Lucy G

Can’t wait to book again, the camcorder worked very well.

Matt U

Great Great Experience with these guyts! the proejctor and screen worked just the way i tought it would! Pricing not to bad either. Will hire from you guys again.