Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne

Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne

Looking For The Best Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne?

Well you’ve found it! And let me explain why…

When you move house, at first everything you own is scattered on the floor. However, as time passes you begin to put things in its place. And that could look like books in a book shelf, some décor on a coffee table or even a bed side lamp on a bed side table.

Keeping that in mind, when you plan a party you envision what its going to look like. So before you hire speakers or lighting you know where you’re going to place them. That’s where Halogen DJ Company’s Stands & Truss Hire comes in.

Our aim is not only to offer you the best sound and lighting for your event but also to help bring to life what you wished-for.

We carry a speaker stands to help generate the best acoustics out of your sound system. Our Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne will help unlock the potential of all your effects machines,  whether it be placing a smoke on the ground or elevating a snow machine to create the perfect snow fall as your guests enter the room.

But that’s not where it ends… Our expert customer service team will be more than happy to talk you through your Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne booking process. This guarentees that you are provided with absolutely everything you require for your upcoming event.

Not only are we there every step of the way from enquiry to confirmation, we will also answer every question or query you may have for us in between. And this is all to enable the fastest and easiest of renting experiences.


Well say no more, Halogen DJ Company is Victoria’s number one supplier of Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne.

But why? Reliability, sturdiness, user-friendly function, accessibility and practicality. These are the lanes in which our Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne are forerunners in.

So let’s show you how… Our DJ table hire practices practicality via it’s attached cloth so that you don’t leave scratch marks on your venue’s floor. They are also foldable for easy transport and sit on a 30’ degree slope for sturdiness and maximum accessibility for spinning those decks.

Every DJ needs their speakers at ear level for the best sound-stage they can possibly achieve, and that’s why our Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne offer you with speaker stands that can be raised upto 3 meters high. You can trust these mechanisms as a safe means of holding your speakers due to their sturdy tripod-like design.

Speaking of tripods, if you live in the film or photography realm of the entertainment industry, we’ve got just what you need. That’s right, we have the strong, shock resistant camera tripod hire you need for a straightforward and proffesional camera shot.

Now every good photogropher knows that an amazing capture is not just a product of good lighting but also the ability to place it in the right angle.  And this is why our Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne provide you with a varieity of lighting stands that will do its part to help you generate that masterpiece.

The long T light stands and short T light stands will hold multiple smaller lights such as Par Can 64, stargazer or UV lights for those unique picturesque captures.

The H stand hire, however, is your ultimate choice for grander lights such as strobe lighting and 4 lens laser lights. They come with well-built and tough legs to hold your lights while guarenteening your safety and peace of mind in the process.

Now, If you’ve pursued your ideal scene even further by adding special effects hire to it with us, then our Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne is just what you need.

But why? Well, our special effects stands will elevate your effects machine so that the snow, haze or confetti will fill heaps more of the atmosphere of your scene.

For example our snow machine stands will keep your snow machines up nice and high so that snow covers a larger ammount of your area.

The possibilities don’t end there…

On the more business side of the spectrum, if you’ve booked a projector or projecter screen for example your work conference and yearly review presentation, how will you hold your projection in place for everyone to see?

Let me tell you, with the projector screen stand and projector stand hire featured in our Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne.

These stands will help you cover the entire length and width of the screen with your projection so that there is no wasted space on the screen.

Oh and in the event that your presentation needs to be stored on a laptop…

Yes, we present our reliable CDJ / laptop stands will keep your device both safe and elevated to eye level.

Now let’s put you on that stage in-front of a large group of people? How will everyone hear you if you need both hands for presenting.

Whether it’s for a conference, gig or assembly, our microphone stands are essential to any stage you may find yourself on so that you can address or perform for your entire audience with both hands free.


You guessed right, Halogen DJ Company, when you book Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne through us, you get the choice of the following stands for your next big shindig.

  • DJ table hire for those disc-jockeys who wan’t a strong, reliable way to conduct the best live set
  • Speaker stand hire to help fill up your room with sound
  • Short T stand hire to keep your smaller lights elevated to waist level
  • Long T light stand to keep your smaller lights elevated to head height
  • H light stand to make sure your larger, more heavier lights full potential is achieved
  • Microphone stands to keep your microphone at mouth position so you can use both of your hands to speak
  • CDJ/Laptop stand hire for a safe and convenient way to keep your laptop at shoulder height for accessibility
  • Camera Tripod hire for the best way to keep your camera shot still and proffesional
  • Projecter stand hire to make sure your projecter is in the best position in accordance with the projector screen
  • H floor stand hire for all of the lights that sit low but look great on the floor.
  • Competitive prices and efficient payment methods including cash, credit card or direct bank transfer

Our offices are located but a few minutes’ drive from Essendon, Epping, Glen Eira, Melbourne, Docklands, Strathmore, Maribyrnong, Coburg, Shepparton, Collingwood, Brunswick, Keilor, Richmond and more.

Reviews – Stands & Truss Hire Melbourne

Travis E

Stands were sturdy, like they said. Couldn’t have asked for much more really.

Davor P

All the stuff we get from Halogen DJ Company never lets us down, the subs sounded awesome and the speakers were cool too. Stands helf up real well.

Shinji W

The stands worked greatttt!

Patrick D

Like I’ve said before, Halogen DJ’s are alwayss doing good with the stuff the hire out to us.