Sound System Hire Melbourne

Sound System Hire Melbourne


We as a company believe that expertise is best acquired through experience. So after over a decade in the entertainment industry, we are more than qualified to help you with all of your Sound System Hire Melbourne needs!

In addition, our rates are reasonable across the market and as a company we are open to help our equipment hire prices fit within your party or event budget.

We also have a customer service team that are ever willing to support you 110% of the way, from your very first enquiry to the end of your night. Halogen DJ Company guarantee that we will continuously strive to give you the best service possible to leave you satisfied.

Engrained in our philosophy as a company is a prominent focus on quality- so when you book your Sound System Hire Melbourne with Halogen DJ Company, you can be certain that you’re booking with a company who want you to make the most out of your Sound System. You’re at the top of our priority list, and work rigorously to make your life that little bit easier.


Talk to the experts at Halogen DJ Company for all of your needs regarding top quality Sound System Hire Melbourne. As a company we have extensive experience and specialisation in an impressive stretch of different fields, ranging all the way from speakers and sub woofers, to amplifiers for your next event.

Sound is so important at any event and is more often than not underestimated by any person when organising their event.

Here at Halogen DJ Company we offer high quality Sound System Hire Melbourne to suit your celebration from simple PA hire, right to large Portable PA systems for dance parties, festivals and corporate events in Melbourne.  We as a company propose superior sound with our 15 inch active party speaker hire, 10 inch subwoofer & 15 inch subwoofer with bags and covers and power-amps on rent ensuring that the sound at your party or event is under your complete control. We also lease out speaker stands, lighting stands and more staging equipment.

Our portable Sound System Hire Melbourne is up to the minute, and fully equipped with both the
Split System and Column Array System. We offer advanced analogue mixers, digital mixers, USB mixers and more powered PA mixers as well as Portable PA Systems, Portable PA Battery, Portable PA Accessories and Megaphones.

If you’re looking for a DJ Speaker Hire that will emit all the good stuff at your event and take the DJ on a smooth and seamless ride, Halogen DJ Company has you covered! With 500 Watt Output and 15” Audio Assemblers, our DJ Speaker Hire is exactly what you need to make any event go off!

As a reputable company, we also understand that you as a consumer may want to put your trust in reputable brands. To take it up a notch, enquire with us today about our luxurious collection of JBL Speaker Hire, with 1000 Watt Output and 15 inches of overall melodious goodness.

Perhaps you want to not only roll with the good tunes but sing them; or maybe you want to cater for clear speech through a microphone, Halogen DJ Company’s Sound System Hire Melbourne has exactly what you need. Our 15” Powered Speaker with a Mic Input gives you not only 500 Watt Output, but emits clear-cut, sharp and comprehensible sound. So if you’re having a party and want to speak throughout it, our Sound System Hire Melbourne have enough options to send your event off flying!

Perhaps you’re a dedicated RCF Speaker Hire fan and need a taste of that 15 Inch, 800 Watt Output power at your function. Even in that case, Halogen DJ Company are your guys! We really do have it all!

Are you moving around at your event? Maybe you’re in a field or paddock, and need a stress-free, independent speaker that doesn’t need any cables or power. Take a peek at our Sound System Hire Melbourne’s Portable Speaker range, which lets you play incredible sound from anywhere!

Our range continues! For the committed lovers of a good old Line Array Speaker Hire, Halogen DJ Company offer a kit with not only 1000 Watts of silky sound, but a smooth audio response for any type of event, anywhere, any time. We’re big fans of quality, regularly testing, monitoring and servicing our equipment so that you can get the most out of your Sound System Hire Melbourne.

That’s not all:

Our exclusively large collection of subwoofers will take your event to the ultimate boss level of functions with a sound quality that will leave your guests flabbergasted. Don’t believe it? Have a look at our Powered Sub Hire, offering you a 600 Watt, 10” subwoofer at a competitive price.

Looking for something with a little bit more oomph?

No problem for Halogen DJ Company! Our 12” Subwoofer offers 600 Watts of good tunes and good times.

Still not enough?

Still not a problem! Our Sound System Hire Melbourne prides itself on its powerful 18”inch Subwoofer boasting a 1000W Output capacity! So if you want to knock your guests out of the park, Halogen DJ Company’s Sound System Hire Melbourne has exactly what you’re looking for.

In addition, we have state of the art Amplifier Hire for those with passive speakers or looking to add that extra punch to their sound system. Our Crown XLS 402 series offers an impressive set of 2 x 450 Watt amplifiers with 4 x OHM.

Or for the tech-savvy, we also have at the Halogen DJ Company HQ an up to the minute Audio Assembly Amplifier, offering 2 x 600 W modems with 4 x OHM.

Halogen DJ Company isn’t just a company; it’s comprised of people who understand that Sound System Hire Melbourne should come down to the quality, experience and service. Simple as that. We offer top quality equipment for reasonable prices, so that you can throw a spectacular event or show for a price and service that will leave you feeling well looked after. That’s why Halogen DJ Company are renowned for our top of the tier, A-List standard Sound System Hire Melbourne!

If you are looking to add to the Sound System Hire excitement we also provide an extensive range of options with effects lighting machines including laser lights, UV black lights, mirror balls and more.


Halogen DJ Company is the best Sound System Hire in Melbourne because, put simply, we appreciate you and the opportunity you’ve given us to do our part in your event in contributing our services. When you book your Sound System Hire Melbourne with Halogen DJ Company, we like to express our gratitude to you by throwing in a bunch of extra perks that come alongside your booking with us.

In a nutshell, these benefits include:

  • Some of the most competitive and cost-effective prices out in the market (because who says that booking a top rate Sound System Hire Melbourne has to cost you an arm and a leg?);
  • A top of the tier customer service team who are ready and ever willing to help you through any questions or queries you may have during the entire course of your booking, from the very first enquiry to the conclusion of your event. We want to help make your Sound System Hire Melbourne booking process as smooth, easy and efficient as possible!
  • Upon your request, if you’re feeling just that little bit extra, we have available for you our extensive collection of atmospheric effects that are specifically designed to complement your Sound System Hire Melbourne. We have an atmospheric effect for every taste, because it’s different styles that make the world go round! Whether it’s flames you’re looking for, or faux snow, or bubbles for the cute hearted, smoke, or even confetti, we have what you need! So enquire with us today about our exclusive collection of atmospheric effects ready for your hand choosing.
  • As a company who cares about your convenience, we have happy-go-lucky technicians who are committed to making your Sound System Hire Melbourne experience a five star one. Not only are they willing to deliver your equipment at your request, but they are also available to set up the Sound System Hire at the commencement of your night and pack it down at it’s fin!
  • We also offer a range of different efficient payment methods with your booking for you to choose from, including Cash, Bpoint and EFT.

Please note that there is a cancellation fee of the total amount should you choose to cancel, as discussed verbally upon booking. Our staff occasionally take photo or video footage at our events for promotional purposes only, if you do not consent please notify us in writing.

Through our many years of experience we have serviced Venues all around Melbourne including Dandenong, Watergardens, Essendon, Altona, Ringwood, Docklands and more.

Reviews – Sound System Hire Melbourne

Matt V

The speakers were an awesome additional to the party! Thanks guys

Ian G

Hired some speakers and a sub for my daughters 21st! They worked great and the service was exceptional. We will be coming back.

Ruth P

Great set up of equipment. The staff were very helpful. We ended getting a whole bunch pf lights and effects machines too. The party looked awesome.

Emily T

Good Speakers and good service. I’ll be back!

Amanda C

We got them to come in and set up about 6 speakers and 4 subs! The operators were quick and efficient on the day. It sounded great!!! Cheers