Party Lighting Hire Melbourne

Party Lighting Hire Melbourne

Are you looking to drown your event in Beautiful Illumination?

Here at Halogen DJ Company, we offer the best Party Lighting Hire Melbourne to ensure that your event thrives with stunning visuals.

We offer you the number one Party Lighting Hire Melbourne has to offer to boost your event with the help of gorgeous sights that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

If your goal is to throw down the party of a life time, the stage show of the century, a corporate event of mammoth proportions or anything in between, our Party Lighting Hire Melbourne is what you need.

If you seek to book party lighting that features the vastest array of mood setting lighting we’ve got it. From disco lights hire to laser lights hire and everything in between, Halogen DJ Company’s Party Lighting Hire Melbourne has the lights that you need for your next big gig.

To top that off, we at Halogen DJ Company understand that booking and organising an event with the best lighting and features can be quite stressful and strenuous.

Therefore we aim to combat this issue by providing you with the best customer service available upon you inquiry for Party Lighting Hire Melbourne.

$45.00 Per Day

Level 1 Lighting Pack:

Disco Party Lights

1 x Stargazer

2 x Chaser Lights

$80.00 Per Day

Level 2 Lighting Pack

Event Lighting Hire

1 x Stargazer

1 x TSSS Light

1 x Strobe Light

2 x Chaser Lights

1 x H Light Stand

$100.00 Per Day

Level 3 Lighting Pack:

Stage Hire 

8 x Par Can 64

2 x T Light Stand

$120.00 Per Day

Level 4 Lighting Pack:

Melbourne Party Hire


1 X Stargazer

1 x Single Laser

1 x Strobe Light

1 x  Smoke Machine 1500w

1 x H Light Stand


Our Chaser lights are a great addition to draw attention to any attraction at your party.

The dance floor lights featured in our Party Lighting Hire Melbourne are your ultimate dance floor DJ lighting staple.

Our laser lights will provide the ultimate party lighting atmosphere fit for any event that can only be described as a great night.

But what if you seek a more elemental lighting atmosphere for your next big event? Well our Party Lighting Hire Melbourne was created with you in mind. Our lighting also includes Halloween themed lights that will bring stunning visuals and vibe lighting for you and your guest to enjoy.

And for those of you who really like to get down on the weekend, the strobe lights hire featured in our Party Lighting Hire Melbourne will help create the illusion that time is visually moving in brackets of milliseconds, which has proving to be the game changer at any club.

Have you ever thought of changing it up and taking your party that one step further? What do we mean by this exactly? Well lighting can create amazing visuals but only our Party Lighting Hire Melbourne’s Ultra-violet lights can give an impressive light show whilst also bringing out the hidden fluorescence within all of your guests.

Our Party Lighting Hire Melbourne is also your number one option if you are looking for laser beam lights to provide that futuristic edge that is essential for any memorable rave.

But our lighting options don’t end there, stage show organizers are amongst our favorite customers. But why? Well I’m glad you asked. Every stage production crew is looking for a way to transform their performers into super stars using a combination of lights which falls right into the corner of our party lighting hire. We also provide moving head lights to create ultimate stage show staple. They will help turn any stage into the centre of undivided attention, taking your performers to a whole new level.

And if you’re looking for foyer lights hire, smoker’s area lights hire or meeting area lights hire then the flood lights featured in our party lighting rental Melbourne are for you. They will literally flood your venue with light, thus ensuring maximum visibility.

Couples with their special day on the way seek to book mood lighting that Halogen DJ Company provides to help create an intimate lighting atmosphere for their wedding.

So if you seek the best mood lighting for your wedding, Halogen DJ’s and our Party Lighting Hire Melbourne are your number one choice.

To add that extra spice at your event we also have the option to book Gobo lights hire for those looking to project an image pattern on to the wall of their event.


Halogen DJ Company of course, deciding to book with us means deciding to book a choice from:

  • Attraction lights hire to draw attention to a specific attraction
  • dance floor lights hire to lights up the dance floor
  • Laser lights hire to produce moving patterns of light beams that will leave your guests in awe
  • Halloween lights renal; for an eerie effect on your event
  • Strobe lights hire for the ultimate club atmosphere
  • Ultra-violet lights rental to bring out your inner fluorescence
  • Laser beam lights hire to further add to that futuristic, club atmosphere
  • Follow spot lights rental to shine a beam of light from the heavens upon the star of the show
  • Flood lights rental to flood your venue with light
  • Moving head lights rental to create the ultimate stage show
  • Gobo lights hire to project an image pattern on to the wall of your venue

And as always when you book with Halogen DJ Company for any of our services you will be provided with

  • Great quality equipment
  • Fast, efficient and friendly customer service
  • Competitive prices; and
  • Efficient payment methods including cash, credit card and direct bank transfer.

Our offices are located in the Eastern and North Western suburbs of Melbourne, in particular we are situated near to Melbourne Central, Dandenong, Frankston, Fitzroy, Coburg and more.

Reviews – Party Lighting Hire Melbourne

Jackson W

Some of your Halloween lights turned out to be the absolute bomb, alongside the steaming cauldron they looked brilliant and I can’t wait to book with Halogen DJ’s again

Phil S

The lights looked great.

Jesse W

My husband and I booked some of the TSSS dance floor lights for our wedding and we also got some of the laser lights. They looked absolutely gorgeous and I loved them.

Luka M

The best lights ever! Strobe lights were absolutely dope, the made the club look absolutely lit and I can’t wait to get more.

Priscilla W

Stunning, never had a better party in my life, the ultra violet lights looked so good and your customer service team was incredible. Five stars for you guys.

James W

Can’t wait to get some more but as it stands I think all of the lights we got looked spectacular. The laser lights really helped set the mood and the dance floor lights looked great too.