Microphone Hire Melbourne

Microphone Hire Melbourne

Who Has The Best Microphone Hire Melbourne?

Well I’m glad you asked, it’s Halogen DJ Company! And let me tell you why…

Do you plan on addressing a crowd with precision and poise? Or maybe you dream of singing with reckless abandon? Well then, you have come to the right place with Halogen DJ Company’s Microphone Hire Melbourne.

Whether your stage is before acres of land, seats of conference halls or metres of mosh-pit, our Microphone Hire Melbourne will make sure that your voice is projected far and wide for all the ears in your audience to hear.

The range of microphones featured in our Microphone Hire Melbourne is as wide as the frequency spectrum they cover. This means that no matter what your instrument or sound-source may be, we have just the microphone it needs.

And as fellow residents of entertainment industry lane, we understand its fast-paced nature and aim to keep up by providing the quickest and easiest booking process any Microphone Hire Melbourne has to offer.


It’s simple, Halogen DJ Company! But what exactly makes us your number one mic rental Melbourne?

Well for starters, all of our microphones sound as near-perfect as the next, ensuring clarity and brightness to all the sound sources they are faced with.

This means that whether you are a vocalist or instrumentalist, Halogen DJ Company’s Microphone Hire Melbourne has got the right mics for you.

When it comes to the Microphone Hire Melbourne we offer, our goal is to give singers both the industry standard and pinnacle of vocal mic rental in the form of our Shure SM58 mic hire.

But if you’re the type of vocalist who likes to roam on stage, we’ve got just what you need. Our Microphone Hire Melbourne also includes the cordless hand-held microphone hire that fits perfectly in any great show-man’s hand.

Or perhaps you create you’re melodies on a different instruments? Don’t fret! The Shure SM57 hire featured in our Microphone Hire Melbourne is the guitar-techs best friend.

These handy microphones will serve as the ultimate electric guitar mic hire considering they are designed specifically for mid-range instruments. But the electric axe is not the only mid-range instrument you want coming through your speakers isn’t it?

We are sure that your drummer will wish for the crack of his snare to be nice and loud in the mix. We are also just as sure that our snare mic hire is his/her essential tool of making their dream come true.

But it doesn’t end there!

If your live-set includes slower and more intimate tunes, then our Microphone Hire Melbourne has got the acoustic guitar mics you desire for that perfect warm tone.

As a band member, you want all your fellow band mate’s instruments coming through those speakers. Therefore, our Microphone Hire Melbourne offers you not only guitar, snare, vocal and bass mic hire, we also supply full Shure Drum Kit Microphones hire for the time-keeper of your band.

This kit of microphones not only sound great but provide comprehensive coverage of all the sound coming from the back of the stage. But that’s not all we have in store for the John Bonham’s out there.

The Shure Beta 52A mic hire will guarantees that your kick drum track sounds a clear thump for any great bassist to lock in to.

So that covers the band’s microphones, but as we all know, the band-members are a mere fraction of the workers at a gig with the job of entertaining an audience.

For all the sound engineers out there assigned the task of making an astounding mix, we’ve got you covered! Halogen DJ Company’s Headphone Hire Melbourne will equip you with ears that will enable you to fine tune even the tiniest of frequencies.

As fellow sound engineers, we understand that our role transcends more than just the live music so you can trust that we want to our best to help you capturing sound for film too.

We all know that actors can’t do what they do properly if they must hold a bulky peavey microphone for their scenes which is we supply cordless lapel microphone hire. These microphones are barely visible and give sound engineers the best way to capture audio for film.

Well, that covers the musicians and sound engineers gear but let’s not forget about the audio industries unsung heroes…Who were they exactly?

The roadies! The Microphone Hire Melbourne we offer also equips roadies with what they need to do their job effectively, but what exactly is that?

That’s an easy one… Communication! and our walkie talkie hire Melbourne gives you just that. With multiple channels and low RF noise, Halogen DJ Company’s Motorola two-way radio hire is your number one relaying tool.

And finally, for the hands-on crew chief of your upcoming gig, we have the Cordless headset microphone hire he requires. This is to make sure he gets maximum signal transmission and can use both of his hands for the other tasks he is faced with.


You stay with Halogen DJ Company, upon the booking of our Microphone Hire Melbourne, we supply you with

  • Shure SM58 Hire for the best vocal sound money can buy
  • Cordless hand-held microphone rental to allow vocalists to walk around the stage whilst singing or speaking
  • Shure SM57 hire for the penultimate guitar tone
  • Full Shure drum kit hire to capture the sound of each percussion based instrument
  • Shure Beta 52A mics for a low and solid kick drum thump
  • Cordless lapel microphone hire for film and TV sound
  • Headphone hire of various big brand names to allow sound engineers to mix without external interference.
  • Motorola Two-way radio and walkie talkie hire for maximum communication between workers at a large-scale event
  • Cordless headset microphone hire for those who need both hands and communication between their staff.

Halogen DJ Company’s services and equipment hires are available across Melbourne. Our reach includes Northern, Eastern and Western suburbs of Melbourne. Some of the locations we operate in are Craigieburn, Coburg, Altona, Williamstown, Footscray, Keilor, Docklands, St Kilda, Footscray and Strathmore.

Reviews – Microphone Hire Melbourne

Melissa F

We got mics for our acoustic set! The Sm58 and 57 worked great for us. My sister and I had great reviews and we couldn’t have asked for better service. Will be back

Joe K

The microphones were wonderful and Halogen DJ company are now my go too guys

Damian J

Awesome headphones guys, cheers

Lisa W

The two way radios worked like a charm, also our speakers were great

Phillip A

Great service, great microphones.

Joel C

Hired the microphones for my kit. was super last minute, but they had everything including the clips. great service and even better prices. I’ll be back!