Effects Hire Melbourne

Effects Hire Melbourne

Looking For The Best Effects Hire Melbourne?

Well then, your search to wow your guests at your event has come to an end with Halogen DJ’s Effects Hire Melbourne.

If you seek to add glitz, glam and awe-inspiring visuals to your next live-set, party or convention then our effects hire Melbourne is just the thing for you.

Featured in our effects hire Melbourne is a huge variety of machines, each of which produce jaw dropping visuals that will be sure to leave your events attendees speechless.

And as old timers in the visual effects industry, we understand the idea you may have for your upcoming occasion. And so, our team will do our best to make sure that what you picture for your special night is what everyone experiences.

How exactly do we make this happen?

Well I’m glad you asked. Booking through Halogen DJ’s effects hire Melbourne equips you with not only a massive range of visual effects machines but also the most competitive of prices with a customer service team to help you decide on the effect you are after.

$60.00 Per Day

Level 1 Effects Pack:

2 x Bubble Machines

2 x Chaser Lights

1 x Plate Stand

$90.00 Per Day

Level 2 Effects Pack:

1 x 4 Lens Laser

1 x Smoke Machine 1500w

1 x H Light Stand

$120.00 Per Day

Level 3 Effects Pack:

4 x UV Flat Panels

2 x UV Strip Lights

1 x Smoke Machine

1 x T Light Stand

$130.00 Per Day

Halloween Effects Hire:

1 x Smoking Cauldron Machine

4 x Par Can

2 x Floor Stands


Well first thing’s first, in order to mirror your dream our team must know the nature of your dream.

Is it a wedding or maybe a Halloween festivity? Whatever the event may be, our effects hire Melbourne will ensure it possesses the atmosphere you desire.

So, speaking of your dream wedding… Our effects hire Melbourne supplies the essential wedding effect, dry ice! Our top of the range dry ice machine produces a dancing on clouds effect for your first dance as man and wife. It envelopes the dance floor and enables your camera crew to capture long lasting memories of your special moment.

Talking of memories, do you remember that Halloween Party?

Yes, our machines go beyond weddings and offers something for the wicked witches and wizards too. Halogen DJ company’s smoking Halloween cauldron has been the secret ingredient that stirs up the perfect Halloween themed party.

And let’s not forget the happiest time of the year! You guessed right, we’ve got something special for your next Christmas Party. Halogen DJ’s offers the little elves of Victoria the chance to experience snow in the festive season with the help of our snow machine hire.

Steady on, we aren’t done yet…

If you long to create an intimate and psychedelic vibe for your club, disco dance floor or ballroom, then the misty atmosphere formed by our haze machine hire is just what you need.

Well, let’s just say your running a school event and you want our kids to look beyond the setting of a school hall and give them a night they never forget? Consider our smoke machine hire which will induce a mysterious and wicked vibe into your next disco which will teleport your kids into the land of fun.

We would also like you to make note of our low lying fog machine hire which will evoke a foggy effect across the entire floor creating a picturesque atmosphere for your next stage production.

Go back to being a kid with our bubble machine hire. Our bubble machines have proven to be a huge success at children’s parties with both kids and parents alike.

Another crowd favorite is our foam machine hire that will emit heaps of foam creating a pit that no-one at a club can resist jumping into.

Ok, now let’s track back. We’ve got all the atmospheric effects machine rental options you could possibly need for a party… what about ceremonies?

Have you ever experienced the joy of witnessing your favorite team lift a trophy? Me neither, for those who have, however, they’re experience was assuredly boosted by a confetti cannon hire.

The hyped feeling our confetti cannons promote upon spectators is perfect for that trophy raising moment of achievement from a sports person or team, and for the preceding ticker tape parade?

For those looking to make an even bigger splash, our Confetti Blower is what you need! It lets out both CO2 and Confetti which goes upto 8 meters high or more and gives you a lasting effects.

For concerts or performances our CO2 Gun and CO2 Jet have worked amazingly well. With just a few simple connections, you can blow your guests away and give your next event the wow factor with our CO2 machines for hire.  They are perfect for bands or musical acts who are ready to turn their show into an all-out production, yet it still gets better for you musicians out there.

The ultimate stage show prop, has and will always be fire! So, if you relish in the sound of ooh’s and ahh’s from the crowd, then our flame thrower hire is your new best friend.

Finally, it is essential to have our effects machines running at full capacity yet sometimes a power source is nowhere to be found. Our effects hire Melbourne aims to combat this by providing customers with generator inverter rental to guarantee your machines have power.


Halogen DJ company, that’s who! Booking our effects rental will supply you with

  • Dry Ice machine hire to take your first dance with your partner into the clouds.
  • Smoking Halloween Cauldron hire to give the witches and wizards at our Halloween party something to stir
  • Snow machine hire for an authentic snowball fighting, snowman building experience.
  • Smoke machine hire to invoke that stunning sense of mystery at your upcoming gig
  • Low-line fog machine rental for a longer lasting psychedelic atmosphere
  • Bubble machine rental to help bring out the inner child in each of your guests
  • Haze machine hire for that chilled out club vibe
  • Confetti cannons hire to promote rejoice in celebration at sporting events and award ceremonies
  • Confetti blowers for a longer lasting, ticker tape parade style occasion.
  • C02 gun hire to serve as the hype/excitement booster for dancefloors and festivals.
  • C02 Jet rental to turn rockers into rock stars and stages into stage shows.
  • Foam Machine hire to produce both foam and a unique dance-floor experience
  • Flame thrower hire for the ultimate primal atmosphere
  • Generator inverter rental to keep all our effects machines up and running.

Our effects hire Melbourne also provides customers with

  • Great customer service to find you the right gear for your gig in the shortest amount of time, and
  • Competitive prices and efficient payment methods including cash credit card and direct bank transfer.

We are in the Western Suburbs and the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne We are a short distance from Hawthorn, Keilor, Caulfield, Sunshine, Tullamarine Essendon, Frankston, Brunswick, Epping and more.

REVIEWS – Effects Hire Melbourne

Raj K

The smoke machines were very good. They, like said in the description, created a very mysterious vibe and I was quite happy with them.

Blake B

Yeah we thought the effects machine hire was alright, the dry ice looked grouse at my wedding.

Christina B

Thankyou guys, loved all your gear, especially the steaming cauldron

Renee S

The effects looked stunning, awesome stuff!