DJ Equipment Hire Melbourne

DJ Equipment Hire Melbourne

Looking For DJ Equipment Hire Melbourne?

Are you in the search for the ultimate beat matching and scratching experience? We are happy to say that your hunt has come to an end with our DJ equipment hire Melbourne.

As a company with years of experience that boasts of hundreds of satisfied guests and a pumping dance floor, we will ensure that your DJ speakers and sub-woofers are blasting with nothing but the best DJ gear Melbourne has to offer.

Whether you are turning the tables for a club, mixing for a pub, or just getting turnt, our DJ party pack guarantee’s results.  As veterans of the music industry, we understand that performing an amazing DJ set is your goal and that can sometimes be both stressful and strenuous to achieve.

After all, any professional is lost without the right tools. And here at Halogen DJ Company we strive to tailor every Disc Jockey to the best DJ turntables for hire at the cheapest prices with the least effort.  If you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Call us today and one of our experts will be more than happy to guide you through the booking process.

$170.00 Per Day

Level 1 DJ Pack:

DJ Gear Hire

2 x CDJ1000 MK3

1 x DJM600 Mixer

P.A. System:

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers

2 x Speaker Stands

$200.00 Per Day

Level 2 DJ Pack:

DJ Equipment Melbourne

2 x CDJ1000 MK3

1 x DJM600 Mixer

P.A. System:

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers

2 x Speaker Stands

Lighting & Effects:

1 x Single Laser

1 x Smoke Machine

$250.00 Per Day

Level 3 DJ Pack:

DJ Gear Melbourne

2 x CDJ2000

1 x DJM900 Mixer

P.A. System:

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers

2 x Speaker Stands

$310.00 Per Day

Level 4 DJ Pack:

DJ Kit Hire 

2 x CDJ2000

1 x DJM900 Mixer

P.A. System:

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers

2 x Speaker Stands

Lighting & Effects:

1 x Single Laser

1 x  Smoke Machine 1500w


Well I’m glad you asked! It’s with Halogen DJ Company and let me tell you why…

With our wealth of experience in disk jockeying and entertainment, we understand your passion for keeping a crowd moving. We offer a wide range of DJ Gear Hire that spans from the strong and sturdy Vinyl Technics Turntables to the slim and modern Pioneer DJ Decks.

If your plan is to keep the festivities flowing and the dance floor pumping with CD’s then our CDJ1000 hire is for you. This ground-breaking device paved the way for every DJ system that preceded it and is your ultimate budget DJ deck.

Our DJ equipment hire Melbourne also feature’s the CDJ2000 Hire which has gradually become a crowd favourite for its mixing, effects, and USB capabilities. They will guarantee a pumping dance floor. But wait, there’s more!

If you’re looking to take you’re mixing capabilities to the next level, our DJ media player hire features the pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus hire for you.

They provide on screen display of the waveform and touch strip and in a world where every square centimetre is covered by smart phones and Wi-Fi, the CDJ2000 Nexus offers Wi-Fi capabilities and iPhone/android support.

But maybe you were educated in the old school ways of DJ’ing and are looking for the best DJ turntable hire Melbourne has to offer?

Not only do we have the newest in Pioneer DJ pack hire, we offer Vintage Audio Technics DJ turntables hire that will give you the chance to re-live the classic, vinyl cross-fading DJ experience.

But how will you crossfade and mix with all of these turntables and no mixer?

Luckily, our DJ equipment hire Melbourne features the DJ turntable mixer hire that you need for your perfect sound.

The Q-D6 mixer hire is the bargain hunter’s perfect mixer hire. This little gem features three band EQ and three channels with a microphone input. But what if you seek to step it up a little?

Our DJM600 Mixer hire is perfect for small gigs as they offer that slick slim-line design and four channels with a microphone, jack/XLR input, three band EQ and crossfade tool.

But if you’re looking to take this even further, our DJM900 mixer hire offer DJ’s gain staging, individual channel faders, three band EQ and panning as well as a built in sound card. And if that wasn’t enough, it gets even better…

If you plan on taking your next gig to a new plateau of hype, we provide DJM2000 mixer hire to ensure complete control over every parameter of your sound. But what exactly do we mean by this?

Our DJM2000 mixer rental features hot cue, looping, beat matching, and crossfading capabilities as well as every common audio input and a built in sound card. But there is more to a great gig then just live sound.

Our DJ equipment hire Melbourne will provide you with DJ lighting and effects you need to build that club atmosphere every disk jockey dreams of.

Also featured in our DJ equipment hire Melbourne is our, crowd favourite, excitement inducing DJ pack hire that features two CDJ2000’s and one DJM900 mixer.

Lastly, if you are truly planning on making your dance floor bounce. We offer DJ party pack hire within our DJ equipment hire Melbourne. This includes 2 CDJ1000 Mk3’s, 1 DJM600 mixer and 2 audio Technics Turntables each in enclosed road cases.


After reading all of the above, I hope you’ll agree with me when I say its your very own Halogen DJ Company. We present :-

  • Pioneer CDJ1000 hire for you to disc jockey with your CD’s
  • Pioneer CDJ2000 rental to allow you DJ with your USB, phone or hard-drive
  • Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus hire to further enhance your performing capabilities
  • Audio Technics DJ turntables hire to allow you to DJ old school style with your Vinyls
  • Q-D6 mixer rental for a budget mixer solution with various mixing capabilities
  • DJM600 mixer hire for smaller scale gigs with all the inputs and options a club DJ needs
  • DJM900 mixer for an even further range of effects and options for your perfect live gig
  • DJM2000 mixer rental to give you world-class DJ mixing capabilities.

And as always, upon the booking of our DJ equipment hire Melbourne, you will receive.

  • Efficient and friendly customer service for fast booking process
  • Competitive prices and efficient payment methods includi9ng cash, credit card and direct bank transfer.

So if you seek the best DJ equipment hire Melbourne has to offer, you have found it through Halogen DJ company.

Our offices are located in the Eastern and North Western suburbs of Melbourne so we are easily able to commute to Strathmore, St Kilda, Coburg, Bendigo, Footscray, Frankston, Epping, Richmond, Hawthorn, Caulfield, St Albans and more.

Reviews – DJ Equipment Hire Melbourne

Yanni A

The DJM600 was a really good mixer and the CDJ2000 nexus’s were insane, I really liked them and I will definitely be using you guys again.

Jamie R

Loved all the gear, P.A system was dope, mixers were dope, turntables were even doper, much appreciated guys, peace.

Margo V

The mixers were all very good.

Jess Y

Loved all the gear, thankyou guys.