Band Equipment Hire Melbourne

Band Equipment Hire Melbourne

Lock In The Best Band Equipment Hire Melbourne

Looking to leave a lasting impression on your audience? To give them a night they will never forget? Equip yourself with Halogen DJ’s Band Equipment Hire Melbourne.

With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, a wide of range of gear spanning popular brand names and great prices our team will stop at nothing to ensure that your guests are blown away upon the booking of our band equipment hire Melbourne.

We understand the time and practice spent preparing for every live performance. And so we want nothing more but to offer you the best band equipment hire available in Melbourne.

Quality at great prices is what our company strives for. We offer everything from top of the line microphones to lighting and sound systems.

If this is your first gig and you’re not sure what you need, our customer service team are always readily available to help you decide on the live band equipment hire you require. We assure you that you deal with a professional and experienced team every time you call Halogen DJ Company.

$100.00 Per Day

Level 1 Band Pack:

Live Band Equipment Hire

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers (FOH)

2 x Speaker Stands

1 x Alexis Mixer

1 x Microphone

1 x Microphone Stand

$140.00 Per Day

Level 2 Band Pack:

Band Sound System Hire

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers (FOH)

2 x Speaker Stands

1 x 15″ Powered Speakers (Fold Back)

1 x Alesis Mixer

2 x Microphone

2 x Microphone Stand

 $190.00 Per Day

Level 3 Band Pack: 

Band PA Equipment Hire

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers (FOH)

2 x Speaker Stands

1 x 15″ Powered Speakers (Fold Back)

1 x 18″ Powered Sub 1000W (FOH)

1 x Alto Typhoon Mixer

3 x Microphone

3 x Microphone Stand

 $275.00 Per Day

Level 4 Band Pack:

Band Audio Hire

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers (FOH)

2 x Speaker Stands

2 x 15″ Powered Speakers (Fold Back)

2 x 18″ Powered Sub(FOH)

1 x Alto Typoon Mixer

4 x Microphone


Yes, you guessed right! It’s Halogen DJ Company and let me tell you why…

The Band Equipment Hire Melbourne has been designed to suit both beginners as well as the professionals in the field. We cater to both large outdoors events and small intimate functions.

Our Band Sound System Hire includes a vast array of live mixers, powered speakers, sub woofers, microphones and more.

As an entertainment company we understand and appreciate the value of quality sound. For those that share our point of view, our latest JBL and RCF Speakers are available for hire. They are both 15 inch speakers and produce crisp and clear sound.

Our team of experts will also be sure to provide you with all the necessary cables including the XLR’s, RCA’s, IEC’s and more when you book band equipment hire through us.

Our JBL Line array speakers have proven to be a massive success as front of house speakers for concerts with over 500 people.

For those looking to add a little extra oomph to their next gig, Halogen DJ Company’s band equipment hire Melbourne features powered subwoofers for hire. They come in various sizes including the 10 inch, 12 inch and 18 inch to suit to your next show.

Our Band Equipment Hire Melbourne also carries a number of vocal and instrument microphones. The Shure SM58 has been a favourite for years and continues to be used by a number of lead singers.

For the singers that like to engage with their crowd, our band equipment hire Melbourne also offer wireless or cordless handheld microphones for hire.

If you’re in a two piece acoustic band, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We offer a band audio hire that comprises of the Shure SM57 and a vocal microphone of your choosing.

To bring all of the above together and ensure that your live sound is mixed in perfectly, Halogen DJ Company’s band equipment hire Melbourne also carry a number of mixing desks. Depending on the scale of your event and the number of people in your band, you are more than welcome to choose from our 4 channel, 32 channel and 64 channel mixer to hire.

For those looking for the highest quality with sound, our team recommends the 64 channel Personus Mixer our band equipment hire Melbourne features which is one of the premiums and has been praised even by the critics.

We offer our delivery and pick up services to areas around Geelong, Castle Maine, Bendigo, Ballarat, Sunshine, Keilor, Docklands, Moe, Sale, Melbourne Central, Sunbury, Lilydale, Docklands, St Kilda and more.

Reviews – Band Equipment Hire Melbourne

Raj I

Guitarist here, got some of the SM57’s and they sounded great, will definitely book again

Jamie B

The vocal mics were pretty good, also they were quite cheap so cheers.

Alyce B

The speakers sounded unreal and the subwoofer sounded even better, loving all of your work guys!

Petronella R

We loved all the equipment we got, especially the Shure mics because they are the best mics on the market and we finally got a chance to use some of them.

Jack B

I booked some microphones and speakers and they were awesome.