AV Equipment Hire Melbourne

AV Equipment Hire Melbourne


Well say no more, Halogen DJ Company has got you covered!

We are Melbourne’s go-to AV equipment hire professionals for anyone who plans on taking their next event to a whole new level.

Whether it’s bright and loud music that you seek for your gig or a unique atmosphere you desire for your party, we will provide you with the gear you require for your picturesque festivity.

We carry the best microphones in the world as well as the most spectacular lighting and effects available today! We’ve got everything you could need to make your event is one that people can’t stop talking about for days to come.

But as we all know, organizing a big celebration can sometimes a stressful process.

And that is why, we ensure that Halogen DJ Company’s AV equipment hire Melbourne will be there for you every step of the way.

This means that from the moment you inquire with us to the day of your party, we will answer any questions or queries you may have with regards to any of our speakers, lighting or effects.

Our goal is to help you recreate your dream with the minimum strain.


Audio Visual Hire

Our AV Equipment Hire Melbourne also contains Audio Visual packs for anyone looking to get a little bit of everything. We have tailored our speakers, lighting, effects and more to suit small intimate functions as well as large outdoor parties. Our packs are also cost effective for those on a limited budget. Our staff are flexible with the packages, so call today and add in more AV Equipment Hire to your order today.   Read More…


DJ Equipment Hire

If you aim to keep a club bouncing with your beats, then Halogen DJ Company will make it happen. Our DJ equipment hire Melbourne features digital turntables, analogue turntables and mixers for the ultimate live DJ set. Why are we so sure you ask? Well we offer the latest pioneer DJ midi controllers as well as USB and CD players for students of the new school. We also offer the most reliable and authentic sound producing audio technics for graduates of the old-school. Read More…


Band Equipment Hire

For all the bands out there, our AV equipment hire Melbourne has got just what you need in the form of our band equipment hire Melbourne. If you’ve got the dope tunes and are looking for the accompanying unbelievable Sonics, our band equipment hire Melbourne is for you. We provide your only opportunity to give your audience the best sound around with the aid of our mixers, speakers, stands and microphones. The mic stands will keep you instrument mics in the perfect position to capture sound for signal to be sent and mixed with precision in our live mixers and outputted to our speakers that produce awe-inspiring audio. Read More…

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Sound System Hire

The sound system hire featured in our AV equipment hire Melbourne provides all musicians of various genres with speakers, sub-woofers and amplifiers. These things combined create the perfect PA system hire for all kinds of venues including festivals, pubs, clubs and parties. So if you aim to blow the roof off your venue, the bass that our sub-woofers emit is your most effective means of doing so. And if you want your audience to experience high definition sound quality, then our speakers are the way to go. Read More…


Party Lighting Hire

Though, one could argue that to produce a truly entertaining live set, it takes more than just great music and sound, hence why our AV equipment hire Melbourne provides party lighting hire as well. That’s right, we give you the ultimate stage-show staple…illumination. The lights featured in our party lighting hire will drown your stage with colour and effect.

Still not convinced? Let us explain, if your wedding is coming up and its atmosphere could use a few drops of intimacy, our mood lighting hire will help set the vibe you wish for. But later on in the night you are going to want to celebrate in style, we’ve got something for the mandatory dance-floor session too in the form of our club and disco lighting hire.

We also equip you with loads of other lights, so if you are interested in the lights we have to offer, head over to our party lighting hire Melbourne. Read More…


Party Effects Machine Hire

So do you have all you need for your dream event? No? We thought so, but what are you missing?

That’s right! You’re missing the best party effects machines Melbourne has to offer. But now that you found it, your search for a way to leave the audiences jaws on the floor has come to an end. Yep, we said it, our smoke machines induce enigma, our haze machines create vibe and our bubble machines promote playfulness. If that sounds like something you are interested in, feel free to check out our list of other effects too. Read More…

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Microphone Hire

Halogen DJ company’s microphone hire Melbourne gives all sound sources, be it an instrument, mouth or soundscape the chance to be heard. The microphone hire Melbourne features cordless mics and Shure SM58 hire for vocalists in the hunt for a bright and near-perfect tone as well as Shure instrument mics for all the drummers, guitarists and bassists out there. The possibilities don’t end there, our microphone hire Melbourne provides sound people with headphone hire for them to achieve the perfect live or studio mix. Read More…


Stands & Truss Hire

So now that you’ve got some of the best speakers, effects and lighting in Melbourne, how will you hold them in position? Our stands and truss hire Melbourne is how! We will provide you with all of the necessary speaker stands, tripods and microphone stands you need for your upcoming gig. Read More…


Visual Equipment Hire

Lastly, for those of you who don’t just tell it but show it, our AV equipment hire Melbourne features visual equipment hire Melbourne. As we all know, a picture speaks a thousand words, this is why our projector and projector screen hire go great with any speech in front of a large crowd. Read More…


That’s an easy one, Halogen DJ Company, when you book AV equipment hire Melbourne through us, we give you

  • DJ equipment hire for the disc jockeys out there who aim to keep their dance floor pumping throughout the night
  • Band equipment hire to allow band-members the opportunity to take their live-Sonics to new heights
  • Sound system hire to give all performers a shot at incredible sound, regardless of the nature of their act.
  • Party lighting hire for those who seek to turn parties into lighting extravaganza’s as well as stage-shows and corporate functions.
  • Party effects machine hire to give your party a gorgeous aesthetic that will live long in the memories of all of your guests.
  • Microphone rental to ensure that those who seek to address or perform for their crowd are heard by everyone.
  • Stands and truss hire Melbourne to make sure that the full potential of the gear we provide is achieved.
  • Visual equipment hire to allow your presentations and film to be seen by all of those who attend your event.

And you can be sure that when you book AV equipment hire Melbourne through Halogen DJ Company, you get

  • The best customer service available to make your entire booking process quick and easy.
  • Competitive prices; and
  • Efficient payment methods including cash, credit card and direct bank transfer.

We are a short distance from Oak Park, Malvern, Bacchus Marsh, Footscray, Williamstown, Caufeild, Gardenvale, Sunshine, St Albans, Brunswick and more.


Emillia S

We were very impressed with all of the equipment we got from you guys, like your speakers were sounding unbelievable and your lights were also really good.

Jeremy C

The atmospheric effects were unreal, cheers Halogen.

Jake A

Loved all the stuff, great service as well!

Yvonne S

Your CDJ’s helped me keep the dance floor going all night, say no more. Thanks guys